5 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

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We all have habits, some are good so others are bad . Everything in our daily life we do repeatedly ,can turn in our habit & a time comes when we can’t give this up .Here we talk about a bad habit called smoking .

Quit today!!

We all know smoking is harmful including the smokers but after few time of continuous smoking it’s become difficult to give up smoking for a smoker . It’s become impossible like although they have intention to give up smoking .Today I’ll discuss about some methods of quitting smoking .If you are one of them please read till last ,it may help you a lot .

1.Keep yourself busy:-

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90% of smokers smoke at free time .So you have keep yourself busy all time .You may spot the time of your schedule when you smoke usually .You put all of your works in that perticular time . Firstly it may cause you can’t focus on your work but don’t give up .It will come in your hand soon.

2.Spent time with loved ones:-

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Long Drive Short Trip

It has been observed that if a smoker don’t get enough time they have to quit smoke .In that case your loving ones may can help .Spend your time with them, talk with them ,go for vacation or long drive .Do whatever you want to do except smoking .Remind you have to focus on keeping yourself busy with them not to find any scope of smoking .

3.Nicotine replacement therapy:-

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Quit Victoria

You can take help of different nicotine replacement therapy. There are many types of therapy available around you .You can take nicotine chewing gum. It will supply nicotine compounds to your brain so that the willing of smoking may decrease in you. Different types of medical treatment also available to make this habit stop.

4.Fix a reward:-

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Choose a reward which you will give yourself after quitting smoking. This process works in many cases . It will be a self-reward which you will give yourself after getting success. If you are planning to buy a car or to going for a trip, stop it now. Go for that thing after you quit cigarettes. Just like that you can choose different types of rewards to get more motivation to keep yourself 7 hands from cigarettes.

5.Try again & again:-

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You will be failed different times. It’s not unnatural. Just keep in mind that you have try again,again and again. Don’t give up .Think about your loving ones ,think if you have any problem in future then what will happen to them .If you love them don’t loose them . At least quit for them .Start from today and never be disappointed with your failure just keep trying untill you hit your goal!

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