5G Network – the fast future; What people are expecting from 5G ?


Yes, 5G! The most trending word now a days. We all are hearing somewhere the word. If not 5G then at least we are familiar with 4G thanks to the telecom giant JIO. So what is 4G, 5G! What’s there in the ‘G’! Let’s discuss in little details.

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5G stands for 5th generation wireless network technology. Where the Main theme of 5G is speed. So not just a new generation, also a wireless network that significant faster and more capable than previous generation. As the ‘G’ stand here Generation, like a new version, an upgrade. 

1.source MKBHD
Source; MKBHD

It is obvious that we all remember the old and slow 2G, 3G then comes 4G. 4G was lot better than those. Actually 4G is a rich multimedia that we ever experienced. 5G just another step forward in this.

For using 5G, 5G capable device and 5g network is required. Some of the smartphone manufacturing company already start making in this segment. By 2021 more device will come in market. So no problem regarding device availability.    

2.source MKBHD
Source; MKBHD

Now let’s dig little deep in the technical aspects but in simpler way. 5G built on Millimeter waves which is new section of very high frequency ranging 24 GHz all the way up to 100 GHz where GHz stands as gigahertz, measuring unit for wave. As higher the frequency wave, laser the range. So it can’t travel very far. That means the travelling path of these waves are very short. Trees, wall, building anything can come in the path of the millimeter wave and easily interrupt its strength.  

Few companies are already started installing 5G tower in some areas of the western countries like England, America since 2019. As per some reports of real world uses of 5G network, signal strength is significantly high. Due to the low latency of this network, small scale downloads are in blink of eyes now. Even huge files take very less time to download compare to LTE that we all are currently using in India. YouTube videos can easily play in very high quality just taping the play option while fast forward without facing any buffering.

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Source; Mrwhosetheboss

But all this can possible if we stand very close to the signal point. It is also observed that by moving just about 100 meter away from tower, signal strength drops quickly. Then it switches back to 4G depending upon location. Basically it flickers in between 5G and 4G due to the poor range issue. Besides some of the device facing the heating issue problem while connecting in 5G network as this is very early stage of the process.

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In 4G, we have just one giant tower that can cover huge area which is not possible in 5G. For stable 5G network requires lots of nod point signal tower in a particular location in order to maximize the coverage. In this way when we moving, the network can switches back between the nods and remain connected with the tower. That results more stable network connection irrespective of location.

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Source; MKBHD

Installing these 5G nods to cover up a city as well as entire country is not just time consuming also very expensive process. So it is clear that globally fully 5G network connectivity is little far away especially in India. But there is a positive news of press conference from famous Indian businessman Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Jio Telecom claims that in middle of 2021, Jio may able to introduce 5G in India. Let’s wait for 2021!

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No doubt 5G is our future. In current situation, our life hugely dependent of internet connectivity. Scientists from different field are continuously working on application to improve our life with the help of 5G network. One of them is remote surgery with 5G connected robots where doctors are able to make a real time surgery while sitting in a different location, far away from patient. How amazing! Right ? If this is going to be our future I’m very much excited to see this. Are you??? 

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