6 Vitamins You Should Definitely Consume Daily, Part 2 :


In our previous post, we have talked about some of the vitamins those are important for our health and fitness. In this fitness weekness special, let’s talk about rest of the vitamins. So, without further ado, let’s get started straight.

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In our previous article, We have talked about Vitamin A, B and B complex. The link is given Below. In this particular article, We’ll talk about the rest of them.

3. Vitamin C :

Vitamin C is one of the important water soluble substance that is needed for overall growth and muscular development. Water soluble vitamins normally dissolves in water. It is also important for betterment of skin, tissues and ligaments. It also helps to repair wounds and scars in your body. It also improves your immune system. It also took care of the teeth. Overall Vitamin C is one the basic nutritious need of anyone’s body. Vitamin C also works as an antioxidant in your body to helps to build the immune system stronger.

Sources of Vitamin C :

Vitamin C is also named as Ascorbic Acid. The Vitamin which is important for blood vessels and skin tissues, can be found in various food sources. Lack of Vitamin C can caused scarvy, a skin disease.

1. Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin C.

2. Foods that contains citric acid like lemon and oranges contains high amount of Vitamin C.

3. Broccolies and Potatoes also have a good amount of Vitamin C in it.

Adults who are aged between 19 to 50 can have 40 mg (Milligrams) per day. There are side effects of having Vitamin C excessively. One may have stomach pain and diarrhoea.

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4. Vitamin D :

Vitamin D is also another important nutrients for human body, mot just a vitamin but a prohormone. Naturally our body can not create vitamins by uts own but our body can produce Vitamin D in a little amount. Vitamin D can improve our bone health density and can support our immune system. Vitamin D can also support the functionalities of lungs and helps to control diabetes. Vitamin D is a very important supplement to build our bones strong. It also maintains the levels of different minerals. The Vitamin D deficiency can lead to ricket that is vulnerable for childrens.

Sources of Vitamin D :

1. Sunlight is the greatest source of Vitamin D. If you get enough sunlight , you are possibly gaining the best vitamin D.

2. Oily Fish. Mackeral, Tuna can also be a great source of vitamin D.

3. Dairy products like cheese, milk.

4. Cereals are also great for health.

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5. Vitamin E :

Vitamin E is another important source. It helps our body to keep fighting against the germs and keep build our immune system. It also is important for our skin and takes care of dental issues. It also prevents the infection.

Sources of Vitamin E :

There are a wide range of foods that contains Vitamin E. Like,

1. A wide range of oils like soyabean oil sunflower oil and seeds oil contains vitamin E.

2. Nuts contains a great amount of E.

An adult can take highest amount of 4 mg of Vitamin E per day.

6. Vitamin K :

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin K is a factor that requires for clotting coagulation of blood in your body. Vitamin K is important for healing any wound in your body. It increases the bone density and reshapes and strengthen your bone structure.

Sources of Vitamin K :

Ample amount of dietary products contains vitamin K as an important and essential ingredient.

1. Green vegetables, spinach, lettuce leaves, and cabbages contains vitamin K.

2. Fruits like avocado and different types of berries contains vitamin K.

3. Eggs and meat also contains some amount of Vitamin K.

Aged adult people above 19, can take highest 55 mcg of Vitamin K, per day.


So, readers, these are the details of vitamins you should take everyday through different kinds of foods. We have discussed in detail, how vitamins have a good impact on your health. So keep taking vitamins and stay healthy. We wish your good health.


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