Challenge of 2022: Animal cruelty

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The nation swears to be the abode of ahimsa with a class of kindness, but the truth is far away.

Animal cruelty


There are reports in the media and on social media. Smartphone cameras have boosted citizen attention and ensure they come with horrifying or heart-rending images. For example, in India, they raped a dog with a screwdriver. About animal cruelty, we often read stories in the media and on social media.

A monkey was hung and killed. Likewise, hitting a street dog by unidentified scooterists, a mad dog being thrown off the second floor of a building, or an elephant dying after consuming fruit and fireworks. Like these, there are ample instances that omit animal victims.

Here is one example of the cases revealed by an organization in Udaipur: there are many cases where they are beaten to death, and I can’t think which is the most barbaric. However, there was a case of the donkey called Veeru, on whom a YouTube video was made. He was fastened up and thrashed with a pipe. Something hit him over his head and body.

He had a blow that damaged his eye. He had severe injuries. The assailant beat the donkey because he was angry at the owner.

Legalities and actions:

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Image Courtesy: Plant Custodian

The high court took cognizance of the brutal killing of a dog named Bruno by three people in Thiruvananthapuram.

All these are genuine cases.

These stories appear in the media, and people get momentary emotional and then scroll past or turn to the next page of the Newspaper. The injured may or may not survive. When a criminal case is filed, the perpetrators often get away by winning the court battle or with a lighter punishment.

The National Crime Records Bureau doesn’t always record these crimes for lack of evidence. Instead, their annual report of crimes in India furnishes state and district-wise records on dangerous criminalities, assault, larceny, sexual exploitation of women and children, and killings across the country. The document is used to contain crimes in India.

In September 2020, after a video of the man throwing a dog into a lake circulated and went viral on the internet, a youth in Bhopal was arrested by the Shyamla Hills police station. After animal lovers filed a complaint with Bhopal Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Irshad Wali, a suit was pointed against him under Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and other sections of the Prevention of barbarity to Animals Act.

Cruelty: Constitution protection

Instances of animal abuse in India increased recently. It induces debates about animal rights and formulates current laws’ legal coverage. Nevertheless, many crimes of this kind are not taken with the seriousness they deserve despite the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960, and relevant sections from the Indian Penal Code.


India constantly witnesses unnatural deaths of animals despite legislation and rules against animal abuse. As a result, India was second in the Global animal protection index in 2020.

The Constitution of India gives a concise answer. One of our fundamental duties is to protect the natural environment and have compassion for living creatures.

According to the Directive Principle of State Police, the state must protect and improve our environment.

These duties are related to the rights of animals.


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