Artificial intelligence for speech recognition !! revolutionary innovation for future, 2020 on-words

Artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence What a huge name! Relax! Let’s simplify it into something like AI voice assistant! Still looking tricky? Okay how about smart speakers! Yes…now you get it right.  

Artificial Intelligence in Practice
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So Artificial intelligence or AI is definitely for the machines or gadgets, the electronics one that doesn’t have the natural intelligence like us – the humans, rather than some data input and also have some basic key skills like learning, developing itself, problem solving. That way it can better interact with our mind – the human mind and complete particular set of tasks or goals given by us. Mainly its like a virtual robot that build with computer programs and algorithms. Now AI already is a major subject of study in field of computer engineering but let’s not go there, understand it in our simple ways.

Top 5 Trends In Artificial Intelligence That May Dominate 2020
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The actual practical application of Artificial intelligence if we are familiar with modern day’s smartphones or computers then might know about Google Assistant for Androids, Siri for iOS, Cortana for Windows. These are basically built in software application that works on speech recognition. Few years back, initially some of us might thought that it just a marketing gimmick but not now. It has uses to some extent today as it developed, improved itself also manufacturing companies are trying to make it better day by day.  

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Artificial intelligence For the smart speakers, we can take Alexa from Amazon or the Google home devices as example. We might noticed them in TV ads or popular online websites like Amazon, Flipkart. Uses of these audio playback device is pretty cool.

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It connects with the smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and gives us completely hands free experience as it works on voice input. Play pause any music that we want to listen, adjusting the volumes, checking the weather report, score of any live match – these are the basic action that can possible by simple voice commands.

WeatherAI 01
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So how Artificial intelligence works? In short a huge data based is already inserted in it from which it detect and recognize the specific words we speak. From these words it learns what we are saying to act according. Using more and more it can understand our choices, preferences as it improving its own and then daily life uses become more fun and interactive.

Artificial intelligence not just used in audio devices, also control any smart home appliance like the smart bulb or the smart AC machines basically any electronics gadgets thanks to the technology called Internet of Things (IOT).

AI with IOT
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That’s why in real estate business, especially the luxury one, smart home is a must have features now a days in form of home automation. Starting from the television, temperature of AC machines, CCTV, lighting – everything can control by our voice commend and can personalized according to our own preferences with the help of this technology. Various companies are coming up with new and innovative ideas to work in this particular home automation segment. Even in the automobile sector too. Cars of today’s generation come with this build in feature where we can interact with our car in a cool taking way and also very responding.  

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Every innovation happened to this date, Artificial intelligence is the most promising and revolutionary one. In future this will apply in so many direction that we can’t even imagine now. As it based on computer programming, huge areas of improvement is there with upgradation of technology and knowledge. We use it more, it will also know us better. That way usability will increase in very large scale.

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