Automatic Video Surveillance: How it works?! Great impact in our lives in 2020!


When we see the word surveillance, “You are under surveillance”- to be precise, first thing come in our mind somebody watching, keeping an eye on us. Usually see the word in public gathering places like train station or any important government buildings. Let’s know some more about this.

So what is Surveillance? It’s the process of gathering information through observation or monitoring any kind of activities, people’s behaviours by mainly electronics way. One that used commonly worldwide for surveillance purpose is called the Closed Circuit Television or CCTV cameras.

As the word ‘automatic’ is attached any electronics devices that means use of computer programming, algorithm, artificial intelligence come in play. No expectation here, monitoring through programmed CCTV surveillance cameras is what we discuss now.

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Surveillance is very important these days as huge nos. of people all over the world use public transport as primary means to go point A to point B. Various incident can occur in this public places. That’s why CCTV cameras are installed to record everything regularly. But cameras can’t prevent any crime. Specific team of patrolling staff, security person all-time monitoring them from far. As CCTV cameras record vast amount of footage. It impossible to check them all with naked eye in real time.

That’s where scientists comes with this idea of automatic video surveillance. It’s basically able to separate danger situation from a regular video footage with the help of behavior pattern and movement analysis. In collaboration with psychologies the system detects any suspicious moment and then it designed in such way that it will send an alarm to the system as timely warning when situation is escalating out of control. In this way it like to be able to recognize those situation where need to step in or get involved by the monitoring security personnel or authority.

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Also there is huge challenge to work with automatic surveillance system. It has to recognise proper dangerous situation separated from normal video footage without sounding too many false alarms. The system has to programed with various catalogue of body movement and behaviour pattern to detect possible danger like fight, unnecessary crowd of people, abounded lugged (when nobody near it for long time) or people prostrate on the ground.

The surveillance camera has to pick up these situation from regular movement of traffic or people in a regular time, regular place. Intelligent videos surveillance spots this kind of action before it’s too late. Obviously everything can’t be monitored 100%. Still the developer and scientist behind this and they are expecting that it will make travel through public transport much safer.

Till now these surveillance system mainly used in commercial purpose in railway platforms, governments’ offices, shopping malls, shops etc. monitored by the respected authorities. Despite of this, smarts CCTV cameras made by smartphone manufactures like Xiomi, Realme are also popular now-a-day for domestic or personal uses.

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For work purpose many of us staying most of the time outside our home. Ordinary lock-keys are not enough to prevent any serious situations like robbery. That’s where this smart CCTV surveillance cameras are very useful. It can easily operate with software installed in our smartphone and can keep an eye at our house or any important places for long time.

Various sensors are built in in the cameras like inferred – that helps through night time when no light is there. Motion sensor – that detects any kind of movement instantly. With the help of this features we can easily observe every time our home or important properties through our smartphone and ensure safety, security to the fullest of its limit.



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