Digital India: How far it’s a success? Great Impact in Our Life 2021!

Digital India

In recent time most of us definitely hard those words – “Digital India”! So what is it? In short it is a government program that launched in 2015 announced by our honorable PM to make available every government services electronically all over India. This program also includes improvement the existence and availability of high speed internet in every corner mainly the rural areas.

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Source: The Indian Wire

To implement this program three major visions have been taken in consideration by our government

  1. Development digital infrastructure – which includes high speed internet, mobile no. & bank account link, easy access of cloud storages.
  2. Developing government services – Digital identity, secure payments etc.
  3. Digital literacy to empower the citizen of India – digital resources, use of local languages etc.

Today we are able to send money one bank account to another bank account without standing in long line that’s because of digital India platform. Also now we are able to book online train ticket, gas, pay any bills not just that even apply documents edit Aadhaar card details instantly via mobile application and OTP. Apply and withdrawal of Provident Fund now possible online. So visiting government office and waiting in line is over.     

Many apps and websites have been launched for this program to eliminate government paperwork. Total no. of internet users is now more than double from 2015. Things like online payment is now possible thanks to Digital India Platform. But network speed was the main challenge in path of online payment or using any websites.

Previously network speed in India was a big issue as available network – poor 2G and 3G. Then in 2016, Mr. Mukesh Ambani introduce the Jio network in India and that changes everything. It was a revolutionary step in history of mobile data network in India as firstly it was 4G – the speed is much higher than the existing and secondly it was fully free of cost at that time. No. of internet users in India so increased which is unimaginable.

To compete with Jio, other big companies in telecom sector have to make changes in their business plan. Now in 2021 we can say that the network speed in India is significantly better that past years keeping in mind the huge number of population.

As a big example of Digital India platform, Government collaborating with private organization like Google and form company like Railtel to provide fast broadband connection in important train station allover India. Many of us may already use that – Railwire.

Source: Wirally

On demand many multinational companies invested in crores to support Digital India infrastructure. That help many small business to start building their websites and online payment option. But for online payment process, most of the Indian don’t have the internet banking option at that time.

Things again changed when our PM announced demonetization to stop fake currency and stop black my circulation by banning denomination of 500 & 1000. Due to this phase of payment method changed in India.

Now with availability of high speed internet and online payments, businesses like retail shops, medical shops, gyms even small tea shops, auto rickshaws has started accepting online payments.

Source: Paytm Blog

On other hand companies like Paytm, Phonepe increased its active users to millions. But problem with these companies was they were charging some percentages of commission to transfer amount from one bank to another.

Analyzing the users government decided to start easy payment way by launching BHIM App based on Unified Payment Interface or UPI. This smartphone application allow uses to transform money between any bank account without any commission.

In year 2018, this UPI reached record-breaking of transaction in India which can said as one of the achievement of Digital India Platform.   

One thing we should keep in mind that Digital India is a change that can’t happen overnight. It takes time with proper planning and vision. Due to this, some ground level corruption definitely eliminated. We can say that we’re in processing now. With time and guidance it will be better in coming future.

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