Do you know the advantage and disadvantages of owning an Electric car in India? Lets find out!

Electric car

Going to purchase an electric vehicle, first know its preferences and burdens

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The pattern of electric vehicles has been expanding over the long haul. Because of rising costs of petroleum and diesel, individuals are likewise turning towards them.

While electric vehicles have many advantages on one hand, on the other hand it also has many disadvantages. If you are planning to buy them, then know its advantages and disadvantages from here.


  • Extremely economical
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Electric vehicles are very economical compared to other vehicles. One is that fuel is not needed. Secondly, their maintenance and care costs less than other vehicles.

Please tell that like other vehicles, there is no need to do more service.

It also saves you money. So it is very suitable for those who want to buy affordable vehicles.

  • Lesser pollution
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On the off chance that we talk about the benefits of electric vehicles, at that point they have the greatest preferred position that they are less contaminating. Fuel isn’t utilized in them.

Despite the fact that they are not totally contamination free, they cause substantially less contamination than petroleum and diesel vehicles.

This is additionally a central explanation that individuals are getting pulled in towards them to stop contamination.

  • Lesser Maintenance cost
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Comparing with gas-fueled motors, plans that sudden spike in demand for electric force have less moving parts, produce less warmth, and get less grimy.

That is the reason electric vehicles commonly need altogether less upkeep than their partners.

For instance, you never need to get an oil change again, and you can expect your brake cushions to keep going for fundamentally more. Automobile upkeep can be pricey and badly arranged, making electric vehicles look both more moderate to possess and more alluring generally speaking

  • Lesser noise
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One of the primary things you notice in the driver’s seat of an electric auto is that they’re almost quiet in every driving condition.

It requires a moment to change in accordance with the way that you can’t hear the motor firing up and down – however couple of individuals miss the commotion contrasted with the tranquil calm of an electric vehicle.

Rather than tuning in to the motor, you can focus on discussion, music, a book recording, of your own considerations

  • Free parking
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There is another benefit to you by purchasing an electric vehicle. Nowadays you have to park the vehicle in the parking lot to go anywhere and in some places it costs more money.

At the same time, in many places parking is free for electric vehicles or it costs less rupees than other vehicles. So it is a good and economical option from the perspective of saving money.

  • Future proof
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The fossil fuels are about to end anytime and it is not a fair decision to exhaust all the fossil fuels while we live our life.

Electricity is also generated from fossil fuels but we are slowly moving towards renewable sources of energy which is definitely the future!

We have solar energy and wind energy which are renewable and do not cause pollution too! EVs are the future and we must get used to it in the present too!


  • Not enough charging portals
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The greatest impediment of electric vehicles is that there is no fuel. These just must be charged. Notwithstanding, it additionally has its drawbacks.

There are numerous siphons while in transit to fill petroleum and diesel, yet the charging stations are uncommon.

The charging stations for these in India are rare.

Because of this it is hard to travel long by electric vehicles. This is its greatest weakness.

  • Lesser power
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Electric vehicles are less powerful than petrol and diesel vehicles. This causes a great deal of issue. Their maximum speed is not all that much.

A similar speed is accessible in petrol and diesel vehicles. They are not really.

If you utilize the vehicle more or need to purchase a decent speed vehicle, at that point the choice of electric vehicle isn’t appropriate for you. So remember that.

  • Lesser resell value
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If you are thinking that electric vehicles like petrol and diesel vehicles will sell using one or two years, then tell you that their re-sale value is very low.

Along with this, their motor life is also reduced. Not only this, their battery also deteriorates soon on over charging. Therefore, buy electric vehicle keeping these things in mind.

  • Very expensive
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Batteries that power these vehicles are an exorbitant issue. Think about this: The promising and durable lithium-particle batteries cost around a great many dollars every, which generally makes these vehicles costly. So the prices of the electric cars are very high

  • Battery issue
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At the center of all-electric cars are the car’s batteries. simultaneously, as any final automobile embellishments viz.

Radios, car weather manage structures, and so on undergo electric powered force from batteries, they’d channel swiftly. what’s more, energizing them calls for some extreme electricity.

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