Want to buy drones? – The Tech Marvel!!! Keep these things in mind before buying drones in India…Rules, Regulations, Process 2020 onwards


Drones are very interesting fun innovative objects that some of us might see in few wedding ceremonies in recent years in India, definitely many of us not have the clear knowledge about it. All we know it can fly, take photos or videos – that’s why we mainly see this in a wedding ceremonies right!

Before drones become available for public uses, it belongs only for the military department. We don’t have much details about it as it was property of most advanced top secret authority of the counties. Americas and other western companies already use drones for very long time as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV for surveillance purpose. These are either remote controlled from ground or through computer programming, artificial intelligence for function like take off, flight path, landing etc.

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Previously in India, there is no way to buy a drone. Only way is to import from other countries. In that case the clearance through custom office is not very easy. Not just that, flying a drone in India is trickier as most of the places are under no fly zone such as important government building premises, personal airport, heavy crowded areas, markets etc. Lots of rules and regulations is there regarding weight of the drones, maximum height of fly etc. Violating any of the rules can cause legal offence.

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From the month of June 2020, situations have changed. Flying a drone is now legal in India and available on e-commas website as well as electronics stores. But the rules and regulation parts in not changed that much. Even get more to the harder side.

In India Drones are categorized into various types with respect to its weight and height of fly. The details mentioned in the table below:

Sl. No.Category NameWeightVertical fly height limit
1.Nano CategoryUp to 250 gramsUp to 50 feet
2.Micro Category250 grams – 2 kgUp to 200 feet
3.Small Category2 kg – 25 kgUp to 400 feet
4.Medium Category25 kg – 150 kgUp to 400 feet
5.Large CategoryAbove 150 kgUp to 400 feet

The main users of drones in India other than government or researchers are the film industries, media, travelling, photography, videography companies for their aerial photos and videos. From the above list every category except the nano have to register on our government website as it is mandatory. As most of the professional user use heavier drones.    

For the registration of drones, government has introduced the Digital Sky Platform to easy and convenient way of the process. This website controlled by Director General of Civil Aviation or DGCA. Government can monitor through OAN – Owner Acknowledgment Number and DAN – Drone Acknowledgment Number. As privacy is a great matter of concern in India.

Source: digitalsky.dgca.gov.in

The registration process is quite simple just like any other online form fill-up. With phone no. and email id, you can easily create an account. Then few documents is required to upload. For government id: passport or Aadhaar card, address proof: telephone bill or bank statement, if drone own by individual: highest qualification mark sheet, if own by company: declaration with company stamp in company letterhead.    

Some photographs of the drones is also required for verification while placing the drone on a white paper along with a scale for reference purpose. Once the drone verified by the government then there is no problem regarding permission, flying. Some of the special type drones require special license, without license definitely cause legal trouble.

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Companies like Amazon already started working on drones that can delivery products with help of GPS & navigation as it can easily beat the traffic and reach any places faster than humans do.

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