Youth crimes and drugs addictions are increasing day by day?? Let’s know 4 shocking reasons behind these serious problem and also know the remedies to eradicate the problems (part 2)!!!


The role of homelessness to commit crime and drugs abuse of youth

The youth, who are homeless as well as family less from childhood, cannot get anything without fighting. The youths are also not aware of the difference between good and bad work. As they live on footpaths without family, they can easily be trapped by the local mafias.

Following their instructions, youth do illegal works unknowing about the result for the sake of food or money. Therefore, they gradually become habituated to committing the crime as well as taking some dangerous drugs. Sometimes the homeless youth may steal in shops for the sake of food. Thus, they become accustomed to stealing.

The homeless youth can commit murder, also becoming the victim of situational adversity. The homeless youth may consume drugs and alcohol to reduce their grief. Sometimes they may commit the crime for their existence. Governmental authorities of the countries should take some steps for them; otherwise, they can never come in the way of light. 

The involvement of social media in consuming drugs of the youth

Nowadays, social networking sites are offering the youth new and dangerous opportunities for consumption of the drugs. The youth are easily affected by what they see on social media as the age group is very susceptible to conviction by peer influence. The social networking sites like Face book, Instagram, Snap chat, Twitter, TikTok, and tumbler provide a situation where youth are enjoying exposing themselves.

Some celebrities regularly post pictures of themselves from drinking alcohol and consuming drugs. These make an inspiration of the youth, and they start to follow them. In addition to drug exposure through marketing and advertising, social media is the catalyst for many mental problems like depression, anxiety that can lead to the drug abuse of youth. 75% of youth have started to consume alcohol by seeing social media advertisements. These types of ads also encourage underage drug use and drinking.

The manufacturers of tobacco and alcohol have reached the youth through social media, that reign the teens. As a result, manufacturers are able to increase their marketing among the youth. The celebrities also promote their drug use through social media. They do that to achieve some fun, popularity and enjoyment, but the youth copy their behaviour of consuming drugs and alcohol.

When the youth struggle to get rid of their mental illness and negative feelings, it is evident for them to consume drugs to reduce their mental stress. An approx. of 27% of youth who spend more than three hours on social media have suffered from mental disorders like depression, anxiety. On social media, everyone shows their capability, so that comparing oneself to themselves, the youth feel unhappy and isolated. 

Social media also includes negative body images of the youth. The platform to expose beauty standards through the social networking site like Instagram also can affect their attitude. It may also be the cause of low confidence level and eating disorders.

These low confidences may be the cause of the trouble of overcoming negative thoughts and to reduce the feelings and thoughts they choose the way of drugs. This means they want to escape from this adverse situation. Due to the consumption of drugs, they can reduce their pain for the time, but after lifting from their addiction, they feel their mental stress again. As a result, the health problems may be faced due to the drug consumption of the youth with their stress.

Social PlatformPercentage
Face book71%
Snap chat41%
Tik tok24%
Other social platforms11%

Like drug abuse, social media also contributes to youth crime. Social media sites are among the most popular online sites used by adolescents. Social media has become recognised as a vehicle through which the youth can perpetuate their acts of violence against their peers like bullying, harassment, dating aggression, gang-related crime.

One of the youth crimes caused by social media is cyber bullying or electronic bullying. Cyber bullying is a type of bullying that includes online or computer-based communication like Twitter, Face book, messenger etc.

The examples of cyber bullying are threatening or insulting via message, spreading the rumours about someone, revealing personal information, displaying embarrassing pictures as well as excluding others during the communication.

The electronic dating aggression or cyber stalking also happens only for social media. Online dating aggression is a crime through which someone cans fraud with their online dating partner. Nowadays, this crime is mostly committed by youth. They are doing fraud with the girls by exposing their personal information and data which they provide in the communication of online dating sites, publicly.


As per the above diagram, social media has a considerable percentage of harmful impacts on their social communication platform like Face book, Twitter, Instagram, etc… Though social media has many right sides like educational sites, matrimonial sites, it also has terrible locations. The advancement of technology has excellent access to harmful activities. To resolve this situation, the parents need to control and monitor their children on their actions on social media.

The remedies to reduce the problems of youth crimes and drugs addictions

  • Parents should be very much careful towards their children. Parents should not give extra money to their children. The parent should teach their children the difference between right and wrong. The parents should not commit any small crime in front of their children. Parents should always keep in mind that their children will learn from them.
  • Some websites should be restricted for the youth by the countries. Some illegal online games should be banned. Some videos and clippings that show the violence and committing the crime should reduce their violence level.
  • Social networking should be restricted to youngsters. Sometimes, the social networking sites show some programs like action, argument, sexual, the advertisement of drugs and alcohol that may feel a harmful effect in the mind of youth. This lousy effect can drag the youth towards crime, drug abuse.
  • The world should take a step to save the homeless youth; otherwise, they cannot go into the way of good. The countries need to give the homeless youth the secure shelter and food service so that they will not go in the way of crime for the sake of food and money.
  • The youth who suffer from depression should be helped to win over their current state of mind. The family members and the parents of the depressive youth need to give special care to their children. Their family can help them by encouraging them to do whatever they want to do. The family also helps them by involving the depressive youth to some energetic programs.
  • The authorities of all countries need to ban some illegal drugs which affect the youth. Illegal drugs may have some dangerous side effects. Therefore, if the youth consume it, they may suffer from a life risk due to the side effects.
  • The world should take very bold steps against the local mafias who target the youth to commit the crime. The local mafias are very dangerous; they involve the vulnerable and distressed youth in their illegal business. They help the youth to drag the way of the dark. Gradually these youth submerge into the way of dark, from where they can never return into normal life.
  • Parents should not provide smart phones to their children before achieving maturity. If parents give smart phones to their children before growing their maturity, then the youngsters cannot handle it properly. As a result, they gradually grow their criminal mind after browsing the harmful websites.
  • The Government should help the illiterate youth; otherwise, they can fall into anyone’s trap.
  • The people of the world should be aware of the miserable conditions of the youth so that they can help them.
  • The homeless youth should be trained to survive in their lifestyle without committing any crime. The Governments of the countries of the needs to provide some campaign to train the homeless youth how to lead a normal and fight less life.
  • The countries should provide some awareness programs to aware the people about the disadvantages of consuming drugs.
  • The parents should not drink in front of their children. The parents need to take any vital decisions like divorce after thinking about their children’s mental condition. The parents always need to think about children before processing their divorce. The youth from separated backgrounds also need to take the right decision in selecting their guardian during the processing of their parents’ divorce.
  • The countries need to help the illiterate youth by giving them jobs on the basis of their efficiency. Therefore, they do not go in the dark path for money. Therefore, they can lead a stable life.  
  • The helping organizations need to help the homeless youth by providing them a secured shelter.
  • Some action and violent videos need to be banned; therefore, the youth will not watch the negativity, so that their criminal mind will reduce. Thus, they will not think of the crime easily.
  • The youth also need to have to work hard with their surroundings, which help them return to normal life and have the mental desire to lead a stable life. Some NGOs and online helping services need to expand their hand towards the youth offenders as well as the drug addicted.
  • Finally, yet importantly, the parents should involve the youth in the different types of good works apart from their study so that an idea of good work and wrong work will grow in their mind.


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