Human – Computer Interaction: How it helps us?? Ultimate Tech Evolution since the mid 19’s


Interaction! A way of communication to exchange ideas, thought, emotion between two or more objects. It should be both ways. Otherwise it will not interaction. Sometimes it also create an effect or impact on the other side. Now as we are aware of human interaction that we are dealing in everyday everywhere, its time know about human – computer interaction or human – machine interaction.

Human Computer Interaction
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Computer machines are such things to make our life easy. At very early stage it’s just for calculating purpose but now life without a computer in unimaginable bit the field of studies, work, research everything. So computers also developing day by day. Machines are learning modern day’s skills like problem solving, reasoning to better communicate with humans with developing new technology. One of them definitely the artificial intelligence. The technology so improves in today’s that robotic surgery in medical sector now achievable.

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The interaction between human and computer should be without no barrier. It must be in form of- we give the machine some Input, it understand and process what we have given, then performing task with its specification and at the end it shows us the result in form of output. That way it’s called a good and ideal interaction.

Also the interaction process have to be easy, safe and readable. Then we can communicate with machine in much better ways and machine will easily understand our thought process. No miss interpretation should take place in this process. 

The biggest example of human computer interaction are the Windows and Android platforms. Most of the people in this world are use of these two platform as because both these are very easy to use, both of them have user friendly interface. As these has advantages like quick adopting, that’s why even a child using android based smartphone very easily. It is fun to see them how quickly downloading games from play store, playing and enjoying seamlessly.

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Human Computer Interaction (HCI) or sometime it calls the Human Machine Interaction is a subject of study now. HCI mainly divided into many branches. Some of them are – 1. Sociology 2. Ergonomics 3. Phycology 4. Graphics designing 5. Computer science engineering 6. Business. Each of them holds very important aspects. Let’s know them in little brief.

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For interaction, sociology plays important role. As it deals with human behavior, social behavior so the machine have to understand the behavior pattern to connect in our daily life more.

Human computer interaction and related research fields
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The machine have to be ergonomic for better interaction. In the software companies, peoples send easily 9- 10 hours a day working in front computer. Better the ergonomic, the position of monitor, keyboard, and mouse we can spend comfortably many hours with the machine without creating any health issues.

Phycology also very important in the interaction process. If the machine can understand our phycology then it take less time to interpret what tasks we are giving them and this way efficiency and productivity will increase.

In interaction, graphics designing refer to the user interface. Basically it’s the most interactive part in the process. It have to be easy to read, easy to understand and simple that anyone with basic knowledge of computer can operate easily.

Computer science engineering is the core, the base of interaction with programming and algorithms.

Lastly the business. Many companies may build good products but they have to know the selling process too. That is the marketing aspect of interaction. 

So in this whole Human Computer Interaction process, main theme is user centric design. As this based on product build, user feedback and opinion, then fulfilling needs with help of resource and developing new technology as per requirements. Repeating this cycle again and again and keep up to date with the generation will definitely help to improve better interaction as humans and computer work together towards progress.

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