Kurinji: the flower blooms once in a 12 year

Kurinji ; In the Western Ghats of India, a strange blue flower called Nilkurinji blooms. The mountains can also be called the kingdom of Nilkurinji. The whole mountain is covered with a wonderful blue carpet.
Neelakurinji Flowers Strobilanthes Kunthianus at Rajamalai Eravikulam National Park Munnar
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This flower is a wonder of nature. This flower does not bloom all the year round, not even at any particular time of the year. This flower blooms for 12 consecutive years. Nilkurinji is a symbol of good news for the tribals of this area. Its scientific name is Strobilanthus quanthiana.

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Where to find ?

The Nilkurinji flower has been found in the Nilgiri hills of the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala for centuries. It is also known as Kurunji to the locals. If anyone suddenly looks at the flower, he or she will not notice any such feature.

Like some other flowers in the hilly forest, there will seem to be some wild flowers. It’s like a lot of hours to see the flower. The flowers usually bloom in bunches. When mile after mile of swells swell, it looks as if someone has let the blue-purple rug get.

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Like weeds, flowering plants live and die on their own for so many years. New leaves sprout again. He grew up on his own in the whim of nature. But when it comes to flowering, the appearance of the forest changes. It looks as if someone is drawing blue flowers on a canvas with a brush.

The color changes constantly from bud to flower. When the flower blooms slowly from the bud, it turns blue to bluish-purple and finally pale purple. Tourists from home and abroad flock to this valley to witness such a divine change of flowers.


Beauty of Nature!

When Nilkurinji flowers bloom, the abundance of various insects including bees increases in many areas of Nilgiris. According to botanists and geologists, the varied colors, sweet smells and honey of indigo strongly attract insects.

The flower is found in the vicinity of the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This flower blooms most in the Nilgiri hills of Munnar district. It is heard that the name of Nilgiri hill is derived from this flower. In 2006, Nilgiris was covered with such blue flowers. This year, the vast area of ​​Nilgiris has once again been covered with Nilkurinji flowers.

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There are about 250 species of Nilkurinji flowers. Of these, only about 47 species are found in different parts of India. Naturalists believe that the ideal place for this flowering is the hill at an altitude of 1,300 to 2,400 meters. The length of the trees is 30 to 60 cm.
In the case of almost all species, this flower blooms only once every 12 years. In some species, it takes up to 18 years for the flower to bloom. The ideal time for flowering is usually from July to December. So its not a bad idea to see this kind of special flower before dying .

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