Overpopulation: 5 Causes of Population Outburst in India :


Overpopulation is one of the major issue of our country and continuously rising in an alarming manner. If Population grows up in the same manner in further years, we will surpass China in population within 2024. In this particular article, we will dig deeper and find the primal reasons of overpopulation in India.

1. Poverty.

Social Scientists and Economists consider poverty as one of the leading reasons of overpopulation. The uncontrollable rise of population can be considered as one of the leading reasons behind this extensive poverty. In the rule of Economics, it is quite normal, when population rises to s certain point, that also raises the demand of the consumption of the goods considerably. Unemployment also plays an key factor in uprising poverty. There are many people in India who don’t even get to eat once in a day. That leads to malnourishment and poverty.

2. Decrease in Death Rate :

One of the major cause of overpopulation in India is the decline in death rate. The main cause behind the decline in death rate is the progressment of science, medicine and medical sciences. There is no sustainability between birth date and mortality rate. The lifespan of people has increased by a considerable level. The new medical facilities are incredibly increasing the life expectancy of people nowadays. Families that have been through poverty, natural disasters, or are simply in need of more hands to work are a major factor for overpopulation.

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3. Lack of women education and poor usage of contraceptives :

Lack of women education and early marriage is one of the prior reason of overpopulation in India. In rural portions of india, women education are still considered as a taboo as a result they don’t have much idea of overpopulation. The high rate of illiteracy in women also causes the population as they are unable of birth control methods. Poor usage of contraceptive is another big issue in birth control. They don’t have the proper idea of family planning and that can lead to unexpected and unwanted pregnancies. That can be easily avoided by using the proper contraceptive as a method of birth control and are easily available in developed countries like India.

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4. Child Labour :

As a result of less family planning, the poor families eventually gave birth to more and more children. Several families think of their child as an asset who can earn to support their families income to maintain sustainablity. They start to income at an early age instead of going school, learning anything. Child labour is still an evil practice in the rural and semi urban portions of India and extensive part of world. The children who are seen as an economics source by the poor families, are left uneducated, they don’t have any social or family planning in course of their growing age. The demand of male child in family is another cause of child labor.


5. Illegal Migration :

Last but not the least, another point that plays a Key factor in population outburst in India is illegal migration. Immigrants illegally steps in to Indian territory from Nepal, Bangladesh and as a result increase the density of population across the country. Immigration is one of the major causes behind the population outburst in India.

Impacts of overpopulation :

There are several impacts of overpopulation. Overpopulation directly leaves an impact on the economy of a progressive country like India. There are some direct impacts like :

Lack of water resources : Overpopulation in India has created a greater scarcity of water resources in India.

Deforestation : In order to create shelters to live on, people have to make homes and in order to make homes, they cut trees and forests.

Extinction of wildlife species :

Deforestation has caused the extinction of many wildlife species. Scientists, demands that if this trend continues, almost 50% of world wildlife will be at the risk of extinction.

In this article, we have discussed the problems of overpopulation. Please stay aware, and keep your environment clean for a better tomorrow.

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