Is the paleo diet really the way prehistoric people lived? Is it the optimal diet for humans?


Generally we start our day with breakfast. The most staple diet in India is a source of wheat, Chapatis or oats with curry or milk respectively. What if you came across a diet that restricted you from having it.

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There are many diets loitering in the community, such as Keto, Intermittent fasting, Carnivore diet. One such is the Paleo diet or also known as the Caveman Diet. In simple words, the basic agenda of the diet is avoiding any processed food and having all food in the natural form available. Thus, grains, rice, dairy, vegetable oils, processed sugar all are to be avoided.

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In one hand, the diet is excellent as there are no insertion unwanted preservatives, chemicals in the body. As a person will be avoiding processed foods, chips, pasta, burgers all be avoided which  are the notorious sources for cholesterol and abnormal blood lipid profile.

People will have a lot of vegetables, unprocessed carbohydrates like yams, potatoes, fats from nuts which are unsalted and heavy emphasis on protein from both plant and animal sources. The digestion will be great, there are no chances of bloating due to heavy consumption of processed food. Many athletes and celebrities did take up this diet and got brilliant results.

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But on the other hand, if a person is vegetarian and the source of protein is mainly from plants, then they will have a tough time as tofu, paneer, cheese are to be avoided. Also, due to the prohibition of consumption many oils from cooking, the allowed oil sources can be expensive and heavy on the pocket.

In a world where rice and wheat is the staple source of food be it in anytime during the day, taking away the will be tough and replacing them with seeds and meats not be mentally but also financially challenging.  

The current scenario did push people to try out anything and everything as mean to upscale their immunity and have a healthy life to avoid the virus. The abolishment of chemicals, preservatives will not only help the body to function properly with researches do showing it does improve immunity, it also helps to keep extra weight at bay.

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When having unprocessed food, the sheer volume of food is so high as respected to their calories, people do feel satiated and avoid over eating. Thus, it can be surely tried out to loss some unwanted weight whilst feeling full and improving immunity.

During the recent era, when tabloids run out of news, they came up with a brilliant strategy to maintain viewership of their tabloids and as well attract more viewers by giving intricate details about diets and life of celebrities.

“How Brad Pitt got ripped in Fight Club”.

“Chris Evans diet chart to get jacked like Captain America”.

As news like these got popular, it drew in criticism as well as enthusiasm amongst the audience. One hand wanted to know more about them, others criticised these kind of news. The tabloid bring doctors in their houses and promote such “fad” diets. But the things with such fad diets are sustainability.

Even if a person do hop on to the diet, if he or she does not enjoy the diet getting off the wagon will happen very soon. Also, the staple sources of food will be taken away, will a person be able to adjust to those changes. The cost of living will also go up as we all know that these food sources are expensive.

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But if are ready to make the trade of starting your day fruits and eggs (seasoned with herbs instead of cheese), ordering salads with no dressing and not having chappatis and oats, then it is an excellent diet as it not only detoxes your body from all chemicals but make you feel lighter and better along with improving your immunity.


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