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“Smart eye technology”, since 2018 !! Technology for your eyes only!!


Eyes are two, but the views are not true. People look the world through eyes but the vision and mission differ.


In the World of Technology, Smart Eye has pioneered the automotive driver monitoring market and AI (Artificial intelligence) based tracking technology. It is a platform to protect the private documents from unauthorized person. You may be eager to know, How does this developed? Who developed the idea of Smart eye technology? How it works?

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Smart Eye Technology – Introduction


Smart eye technology is a way to protect screen, confidential files and dats from prying eyes. It is most advanced. It ensures screen privacy and user to user document security in one comprehensive platform across any device.

Today’s world is busy working online and from anywhere. Transfer of many intellectual and financial information are carried out through non-secure platforms. To reduce activities of cybercrime and hacking, it is important to conserve the personal and private data. This can be achieved by using Smart Eye Technology.

Through facial recognition and multilevel biometric verification, safeguard of document is easy as it is end to end encrypted.

Founder of Smart Eye Technology

The new Technology of Smart Eye was founded by Dexter Caffey in 2018. He was at a global cyber security event in the fall of 2017. The founder always noticed that, he could see the files and PDFs on the screen of cyber security’s expert laptops. But why?

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His point of notice was really remarkable, that why can’t be the data get secured only to person specific who is looking over it.

“Why should I be able to see documents on someone’s screen? Why isn’t there a technology that protects your screen from screen snooping?

“I want to stop people from looking at documents on my screen!”  

Dexter Caffey

About Smart eye technology

The idea of D. Caffey, gave rise to the invention of Smart Eye Technology. He is CEO of Smart Eye technology, a software company located in Atlanta, Georgia (Eurasia). Since 1999, smart eye has been indulged in development of AI.

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Smart eye technology helps to secure the documents and data via biometric – Iris in the eye, face, voice recognition and fingerprint to unlock a document. Smart eye technology works mainly through the iris in the eyes.

Iris is flat and ring shaped membrane behind cornea. It surrounds the pupil and are responsible for eye color of an individual. Iris controls the aperture of pupil according to the entrance of light to eye. Pupil dilates and iris muscle contracts when it’s darkness. Pupil contracts and iris muscle dilates when there is sufficient light.


In smart eye technology, iris movement, contraction, dilation of eye matters the most. The document in the company is able to unlocked by only one specific iris biometric key. When a document is opened in certain application, continuous identification is used to verify the authorised user’s iris and face recognition while time the document is open. In case, an unauthorised person try to view that document, the screen will shut down immediately.

Smart eye technology is a way to connect man and machine. It is most advanced form of biometric security. It ensures:-

  • Enabling safety and biometric interaction.
  • Hands free computer interaction.
  • Understanding and analysing.
  • User to user document privacy

It is now available on Apple App Store and google play store. When a user views a document and some one snooping to that device is find, so a warning sign appears on the screen to block the vision of document to unauthorised person.

Sharing and receiving document are also controlled by users. It can not be shared or viewed unless it is locked.

Source; smarteye

Smart eye technology has brought up a revolutionising change in the world of technology.




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