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Thinking of getting a new DSLR in 2021 ?? Ok, here’s all you need to know!!


This festive season is not only having a gala time, but also the time to go mad about shopping. This time of the year is the absolute perfect time to buy anything which we all were waiting and saving up for. So, are you planning to buy a DSLR ???


In case you are a photography or videography enthusiast, you must be thinking to buy a new DSLR camera but at the same time, you are confused about what camera to go for. In that type of confusing situation, you have to keep some points into consideration and according to your need, you must pick one.



As this one will be your first camera, you have to keep in mind the purpose like amateur photography, personal use, or professional work. With respect to that, you must choose and invest further.


Budget plays an important role in deciding and will vary for each one of you. It’s better to go for the features you actually like or desire to have and omit other unnecessary features which will obviously help you to fit in your budget and pick the best one for you.

Like, in case you buy the Canon EOS 700D, you must buy the double zoom kit along with the camera instead of buying it separately, as it will help you to save up to 13k.

Image quality

Another important thing to consider is the image quality as everybody eventually wants sharp image quality when jumping to a DSLR. You can try the Canon EOS 700 D’s APS-c size 18-megapixel sensor which will produce vibrant and crisp colors on your images.

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Your camera must be very responsive and quick with the shutter and processing of the image to bring out high-quality results. Here comes the part of the processor as it is the brain of the camera, which will communicate with the sensor to finally capture the image. As we were discussing about the Canon Eos 700D, it has the Digic 4 processor which will bump up the performance with quick booting and response time of shutter.

Compatibility and Versatility with Lenses

DSLR holds a major advantage in compatibility with various lenses for shooting in any kind of situation. Canon EOS 700D holds a large family of EF & EF-S lenses with more than 70 lenses to choose from. Various lens adapters are available in the market for Canon DSLR’s which again helps in attaching any company’s lens to your camera.

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Videography Resolution

You can also be a videographer, which not only requires the above necessary points, but also the maximum resolution, the DSLR can shoot. Canon EOS 700D can shoot in full HD resolution which is 1080p and in different aspect ratio especially cinematic view with 60 FPS.


As it is your first DSLR, buying the required accessories is also important. You must get only those accessories which will be necessary like, if you buy a Canon EOS 700D, you will get a camera bag, 8GB SD card, USB cable for free to all buyers. Along that, you must go for the Double Zoom Kit with the DSLR on this festive season.

But it would be awesome if you can get hold of some accessories on great offers? How about some free trips to foreign places? Too good to be true, right? Check out Canon’s latest offers where you can get to win free flight tickets, free hotel charges, portable charger, camera carry bag, and many more on purchase of the Canon 700D DSLR camera.

And due to this festive season, there is a huge discount of about 20% going on Canon DSLR’s and you must pick yourself one before the stock ends.




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