“Twosday” – 2 powerful things to remember “TwoDay”

22022022 - Twosday

Twoday is Twosday. Sorry sorry, Today is Tuesday. What if I say both are correct! As we know today is 22nd February,2022. So the exact date is 22/02/2022. What You may not know, today is Palindrome day . Do you know what is palindrome? Let me explain it to you in a proper way. Palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence we read the same backwards as forwards. Suppose for example, mom, dad, madam, nun or nurses run. 

“Twosday” on the Twitter

In Twitter people are getting crazy with this day as they are continuously posting the number or the date as “22022022” , as this particular number is reversible.

Twosday - Twitter Search / Twitter

Today I saw the post of Delhi Police on the Twitter.  The post is contained of awareness about the speed limit and at the same time the Palindrome day was mentioned . The message was clear like the sunlight  and at the same time the word-play was so perfectly organised, that it was a delight to my eyes . So everyone in this planet, taking their responsibilities in a creative manner these days which is very much attractive, admiring and appreciable at the same time.

Twosday 2/22/2022, a Palindrome day

I just saw a post on the Twitter where this Palindrome day was mentioned  and the post was saying that this whole week is a “Palindrome week” because if we arrange this month, the day and the year in a specific order, then everyday we can definitely formulate something that is reversible in this week. It’s like 2-21-22, 2-22-22, 2-23-22, 2-24-22, 2-25-22, 2-26-22, 2-27-22 and the last one is 2-28-22.

happy palindrome

As today is somehow special or you can say different from the other days so I, Abhinaba Banerjee, the editor of the Unveil. press, am writing a blog for the first time on this website to make you smile by sharing some positive vibes. Maybe the days are not easy for you. Maybe you’re continuously blaming yourself. Maybe it was even not your fault but you took the blame on your head to save someone who didn’t deserve to be saved.

Maybe you lost the best person of your life. Maybe the best person became the worst one in seconds. Whatever you’ve faced in recent days, happened for a reason. Those things happened for your good, for your betterment. Don’t fill yourselves with disappointments or any sort of negative thoughts. Do you know what makes you different from the other people?

You are now surrounded with an unknown strength. You just have to utilize those strengths to the most positive points of your life. That’s it. Nobody can stop you now. But as we all know with great power comes great responsibilities, you have to be very careful about your strength. People often choose the most negative points as the destination of utilization of their strength and they get destroyed in seconds.

Abhinaba Banerjee- #imabhihere
This is me

So I’m here to deliver this message to you as I’m very much concerned about your health and well-being. So please don’t disappoint me by getting into drugs or something like that. Don’t kill yourself for the one who wanted the same. There’s always a positive side in between the negatives. Just try to find those positives out of your heart. I’m sure you can do it better than anyone. So on this different day, on this today I just want to say two things –

The first thing is you are also different

and the second thing is you’re better than every single indifferent individual out there and I’m proud of you.


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