5 Best Travel Vlogs to watch while you can’t travel



Travel vlogs are an amazing way to experience new places on the virtual realm. Particularly in the present context, it is a safe and entertaining way to explore. Travel vloggers with an enormous watch rate and subscribers earn up to 1 million dollars a year!

The Travel Expert

While Youtube has given travellers a chance to monetize their videos and earn money from their passion, vlogs in general have become an earning for a huge number of camera-friendly people!


The vlogs that The Bucket List Family creates is definitely unlike any other. They are a beautiful family of 5 members, with Garrett, Jessica, little Dorothy, Manilla and Calihan.

The interesting part about them is that they sold off everything they owned and took off on their adventure all around the world! They started publishing their travel videos on Instagram and Youtube from the year 2015! After 3 years of living full-time on their travels, the family has finally bought a bungalow in Hawaii and have settled down.

Their story is immensely inspiring, especially at an age on strict rules of “family” and “settling down” with mainstream jobs. This kind of courage and spirit of adventure is commendable!


Max and Lee, with began their journey together, overlanding the Americas as a couple in a self-built Sprinter van for two years, driving over 60,000km and crossing 13 country borders! They broke up at a later date, but continued to share their travel experiences individually.

They travelled on a van, with amazing bedding and cooking facilities, they travelled around America by road, along with their dog!

Unfortunately, in April 2021, Lee Mcmillan was reported dead by suicide. Their travel vlogs are grand, adventurous, fun and inspiring.


Marko and Alex Ayling, are two brothers who began their explorations and “story-tellings” on Youtube from 2012, trying to dispel hidden histories and break stereotypes (as their website bio-notes mention!)

They currently have over 1 million subscribers, with more that 400 videos! Their tagline reads ” stay curious and keep exploring!” While Marko is a writer and producer, Alex is a filmmaker, editor, photographer and surfer! Their travel videos feature places like Poland, Sri Lanka, African Safaris and expeditions on the Mt. Kiliminjaro!



This travel vlog is created by a couple who also broke the idea of a “normal” life, and have given their lives to the willingness to explore, enjoy and live up to their hearts!

During their first six years of travel they were on a road trip around North America, featuring a trek around Alaska. For two years now, they have been set a-sail on a boat, on a 10,000 nautical mile trip around the world! Their spirit is inspiring, and their videos are beautiful!

Their videos feature the many difficulties living so many miles away from land, and the mighty dangers of the great seas!


Larissa is an amazing Indian female traveller, who is also the brand ambassador for a world’s top action-cam brand! Her channer presents fun and inspiring videos of her travel, giving us major life goals!

She is also a fashion blogger, DIY blogger, and photogragher! She focuses of culture and people of each of the places she visits, and truly gets to know a place from its inside. That is what makes her a great traveller with inspiring documentations! In an interview to the holr magazine she says that her travels have taught her about the temporary nature of all problems in life 🙂


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