9 Simple and affordable ways to freshen up your room in the pandemic to bid adieu to dullness.



Due to the increasing graph of COVID-19 we all are locked down at home again. Here are few simple and affordable ways to add colours to your room and get rid of dullness.

We are all locked at home again due of the pandemic’s escalating trend. Freshen up your room to bring a splash of colour to your otherwise dull life. However, freshening up your area now doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive or time-consuming. It could be as simple as purchasing a new ceiling-mounted plant or devoting a few hours to putting removable wallpaper on the wall behind your bed. Believe me when I say that if I can do these things, so can you.

So, whether you want to add a splash of colour or make your living room more inviting, here are a few inexpensive ways to do so.

(1) Diffuse your favourite fragrance.

Is there anything more satisfying than lighting a new candle or burning incense? No, I doubt it. Simply infusing your environment with a new aroma may breathe new life into it without costing a fortune. Plus, if the incense holder or candle jar is very attractive, you’ll get extra points.

(2) Use removable wallpaper to add a splash of colour to the walls.

Using removable wallpaper, add a splash of colour to your walls. With just a few sheets, you can brighten up a wall in your living room or bedroom, and give your kitchen backsplash a more modern look.

(3) Bring Plants.

Even a modest amount of greenery in your space can improve the overall look of the place. And having to look after those plants teaches you to be a more responsible person. Plants are, in general, wonderful!

(4) Hang some wall art and paintings.

For those who want a minimalist design, a blank wall is ideal. They are, however, a tad boring for the rest of us. Hang a single large piece, a few little things arranged in a unique fashion, or go all out with a gallery wall. If frame artwork is out of your price range, get creative using washi tape and DIY online printouts.

(5) Alter the lighting in your room.

It’s good to have overhead lighting, but if it’s your main source of light, you may be doing better. To acquire light from different heights throughout your space, use a table lamp or a floor lamp. Candles are wonderful for setting a romantic ambiance and may also make your place smell amazing.

(6) Showcase some of your favourite memories.

Having framed images on display is a quick and easy method to make your home feel more welcoming. Collect all of your favourite photographs and display them in unique picture frames throughout your home.

(7)Place a rug on the floor.

Wherever you place a rug, it adds structure to the space. An area rug helps ground a room and the furniture in it by easing footfall and giving warmth and texture to the floor (otherwise all your stuff is just sort of floating). A little rug in the kitchen or foyer may make all the difference. Alternatively, for increased pattern and visual interest, stack many rugs in one room.

(8) Add a mirror.

You’ll get more light bouncing about in the room, which can make a space look bigger, and you’ll get more glances of your lovely self without turning on your phone camera.

(9) In general, make sure you’re tidy.

It may be a bad idea to wait until your room or residence is so filthy that you can no longer bear to look at it to clean it. Instead of leaving clothing on the floor or in your clothes pile chair, take a few minutes to put them away; wipe down counters as soon as they become soiled (not after the 10th time); and clear up clutter as soon as it begins to accumulate. You may not realise the difference it makes on a daily basis, but it will save you a lot of time and effort in the long term. Having a super-cute set of (sustainable!) cleaning goods, such as the ones below, is also a big plus.