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“Environmental effects of plastic pollution”:- Reduce the use of Plastics!!

Plastic pollution

At present, the biggest enemy of our environment is plastic pollution. Plastic is having a huge impact not only on plants and animals but on the entire human race .

Environmental pollution is increasing day by day due to the widespread use of plastic in our daily life. Plastic has become our daily companion.


From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, the use of plastic is very much involved in our life.

Since plastics are not perishable, most of the plastic products that are discarded after use survive in the environment in the same way from generation to generation.

We use plastic in food, beverages, markets, shops, equipment, everything.

The advantage of using plastic is that we use it but we also know that plastic is not biodegradable which means it does not mix with the environment which is polluting our environment.

Excessive waste consumption exceeds 5.8 million metric tons per year.

What is plastic pollution?

Plastic pollution is the extraction of plastics by the environment which in turn adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitats, and even mankind.

Types of plastic waste:-

Plastics are usually two types.

i. Micropastic

ii. Macroplasti.

Causes of plastic pollution:-

Plastics spread from place of origin to different places which pollutes our environment.

Plastic contamination in the soil:-

Plastic never mixes with soil, it takes about 400 years for plastic to mix with soil.As a result, it somehow merges with our food cycle.

Plastic pollution at sea:-

Research shows that there are an estimated 175 million tons of plastic waste in the world’s oceans.

Plastics constantly emit harmful chemicals that contaminate water and extensively.

Effects of plastic pollution on humans and animals:-

Plastic pollution adversely effects the food cycle of animals. It is more harmful to marine mammals.

Impact on people:-

Plastic pollution has a huge impact on human health. Generally plastics contain a lot of chemicals. These later mix with the environment and cause extensive damage to the environment.

Effects on birds:-

The effects of plastic pollution are not only on marine fish but also on seabirds. Most seabirds have a lot of plastic in their stomachs. Because birds cannot accept the difference between floating plastic and fish in the sea, they accept plastic.Substances usually emit toxic chemical polychlorinated biophenols This toxic chemical damages various tissues of the body Birds also emit toxic chemical polychlorinated biophenols when they ingest plastic. As a result, their body tissues are destroyed and their immune system is weakened Gradually the bird dies.

Effects on marine life:-

The impact of plastic pollution on marine life is the most ৷ The death of sea turtles is due to plastic pollution Sea turtles usually feed on jellyfish and marine insects Because jellyfish are shaped and shaped like plastic bags, turtles mistakenly eat plastic bags. This closes their esophagus and they die slowly as they are unable to take food Marine whales are even more affected A large amount of plastic has been found in the stomachs of marine whales.

How to control plastic pollution:-

Next comes the issue of used plastics. Repeated use of them will reduce the waste a little more. Proper waste management is also important. Although we like the word recycling, that method is not environmentally friendly most of the time. And even then, a plastic can only be used 3-4 times. In fact, he can be called a ‘downcycle’. Even after that, the plastic that is entering the house can be used in different ways by making ‘eco-brick’ by filling it in an old bottle.

It is possible to stick a lot of plastic in a very small place. Last year’s World Environment Day theme for plastic pollution control was ‘Bit Plastic Pollution’.

The host country is India Awareness Day is celebrated on July 3 as World Plastic Bag Free Day. But how much has plastic pollution really been reduced or is going? In order to survive in this world, every human being has to think and take responsibility. The environment department, the administration, the government should be aware of the people as well as be proactive in enforcing appropriate laws.

From plastic making to sales, use, waste management in every step. For long-term and sustainable development, we have to think about the environment instead of personal interests.

The soil-water-forest must be kept good for the well-being of the people of the country. Trying to do that is true patriotism. Let the seeds of this love be sown.