Here is The 6 Easiest Options of How To Check Your Health at Home! Health Care Goals For You!!

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So how often you go to visit a doctor? If not wrong, it may be once or twice a year if you are diligent. But what if there are some ways which tell how to check your health at home in more accurate, quick and easiest ways!! So follow these health care tips.

How to check your health at home is the most common questions for us now a days. Health care and the right ways to plan it is becoming the ultimate matter of fact for us. Our body is such a magnificent machine. When things go wrong, it doesn’t shut off without warning. Instead it sends us little signals letting us know that something needs to be fixed regarding our health. All we need to be smart enough to understand those signals. Here is the 6 easiest ways of how to check your health at home in no time.

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Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients as they perform hundreds of roles in the body. But most of the people mindlessly pop multivitamin tablets without knowing what their body is really deficient in.

But the amazing part is that whenever you are deficient in any particular vitamin or mineral, our body is giving a bunch of signals and signs. Let’s talk about some of the most common indication of how to check your health at home.

  1. Cracking sounds of Joints:
back cracking what causes your back to crack or pop

Do your keens pop when you bend them? Or may be the joints of your arm crack often. Then there is the clear signal of calcium deficiency in your body. We all know that how calcium is responsible for strong bones and teeth. Low calcium level for over a period of time may become the reason for Arthritis.

2. Bleeding Gums:


If your gums bleed when you are brushing your teeth or even while you are eating or your tongue is prone to ulcers or cuts, then you should understand that your body is telling you that it has the deficiency in Vitamin C.

Bleeding gums while brushing is extremely common even though the majority of the people ignore body’s this signal. What’s happening at the cellular level is that even your arteries are bleeding. Make sure that you act on this immediately as it can aggravate the most serious issues of vascular system in the body.

3. Brittle Nails and Premature Hair fall:

Hair Loss

Do you have weak brittle nails or your cuticles are peeling? May be your hair is dry and you are facing premature hair fall in an extreme level. So there is the clear indication that your body is deficient in Biotin. Whenever there is an imbalance in the digestive system, our body is unable to make biotin due to which the symptoms come up.

Check your nails. Do you have white specs on them, if yes, then your body is craving for zinc. Deficiency of zinc may cause in the production of testosterone in men; which causes the less growth in beard or muscles mass, fatigue and even sexual immaturity. In women the zinc deficiency may harm them during pregnancy period affecting the fetus in the womb.

4. Pale Face and Dull Lips:

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If you find your face is to be pale and your red natural color of your nails are getting white or lips are losing its natural color and becoming dull day by day, then there is the signal which your body is telling you that it is suffering from iron and hemoglobin deficiency.

Iron and hemoglobin are interlinked as iron is essential for the production of blood.

5. Thyroid :

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Another very familiar indication that your body is giving in the forms of vertical lines in your nails or in the loss of eyebrows or puffy eyes. Do you know where do the root of these problems lie? It’s the thuroid.

Thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism and the way body utilizes the carbs, proteins and fats. So any problem with the thyroid gland it can create further deficiencies in the body. As the hormonal events are much more in women they are more prone to these symptoms.

6. Watch Your Tongue:

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Observe your tongue carefully. If you notice that your tongue is getting white day by day; it is the indication of yeast overgrowth with the issues of digestive problems.

Apart from the above symptoms there are also many ways through which you could check your body’s internal problems. Some of them are-

  • Suffering from bad breadth, chest pain, heart burn, headache, or even those uncomfortable acidic burbs, they are the general syndromes of pitta imbalance in your body. This is the outcome of increased heat production in the body due to the excess acid production in the guts.
  • If you are suffering from migraine, vertigo, or weak memory or you almost lost your sense of smell, anxiety problem or insomnia , hand shivering etc. it is the indication that your body’s nervous system is being affecting.
  • Fungal infections, drooling at the time of sleeping or often feeling lethargic lead to the indication that your body is showing the imbalance of Kapha. It is a situation when your body is extremely oily and cold within. Excessive indulgence in sweets or craving for late night snacks could push you to these problems.

So basically, every internal acting that is going inside the body it has some sort of indications or signals outside and our daily life style and eating habits influence this to a great extent.