Vaping devices : E-Cigarette, electronic version of smoking! Let’s smoke electronically from 2021


Vaping devices are also known as e-vaporizers. These devices are known by various names as e-cigarette, e-cigs, e-hookahs, hookah pens, modes and vape pipes. These are used to describe Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS).


E-cigarettes are new version of traditional tobacco cigarette. It is a small electronic device just like normal cigarette. More than 450 different e-cigarettes brand are currently introduced in the markets. Let’s find :- What are vaping devices? What are electronic cigarette? What they looks like? What are the components of E-cigarette? How e-cigarette works? What are health risks and environmental risks of using e-cigarettes? Are they less harmful?

What are vaping devices?

Vaping devices or ENDS – Electronic Nicotine delivery systems are combination of non-combustible tobacco, nicotine and other chemically flavored products (like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, heavy metals and nanoparticles) loaded with a battery.

Vaping devices may have different appearance but all these have similar manner of usage and components. Most common form of vaping device are e-cigarettes. These devices have different designs as pens, pipes, USB flash drivers, which are easy to carry in a pocket. These devices are becoming more popular among youths of today’s world.

electronic nicotine delivery systems

What are electronic cigarettes?

An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that is filled with an e-liquid to vaporize and inhaled by the user.

E-cigarettes do not produce smoke like traditional cigarettes. User inhale the solution (Aerosol) with the sensation of smoking like tobacco inti their lungs. E-cigarettes create an aerosol, made up of particulate matter. The aerosol contains lower toxic matter than normal cigarette, but doesn’t mean that e-cigarettes are safe for health.

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Source- CDC

These devices are for helping people to reduce the consumption of tobacco but they are proving to be addictive and toxic as it contains nicotine.

What are the components of e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes are designed with following components :-

  • Mouthpiece– Outermost part of e-cigarettes. This is hold in mouth to inhale the aerosol.
  • Cartridge– A reservoir that holds an e-liquid solution.
  • Atomizer- A heating element, that heat up e-liquid to vaporize which is inhaled by the user.
  • Battery– A power source to heat up e-liquid.
  • Sensor– when user sucks through mouthpiece, sensor activates thr heating up of solution.
  • E-liquid – Chemical solution to be inhaled by user.

What is the composition of E-liquid?

E-liquid is made up of nicotine, chemical substances like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin,heavy metals, nanoparticles, volatile organic compounds and flavouring substances. This solution is inhaled by the user.

e cigarette aerosol can contain harmful ingredients mobile 350
Source- CDC

Working of e-cigarettes

When a user holds mouthpiece in the mouth, sensor get activated then the atomizer heats up e-liquid. E-liquid start to vaporize and this is inhaled by the user which enters directly to the lungs. This process if inhaling is known as vaping.

Are vaping devices less harmful?

Yes, vaping devices like e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, but it doesn’t mean they are safe enough to be consumed. These nicotine loaded devices are used as a supplement to quit smoking. They show effect on body slowly in long term. But in most cases it is found to be addictive just like tobacco cigarettes. Even though they cause less harm to health but there utilisation should be under control and checked.

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Source- Penn medicine

What are the health risks?

According to researches, E-cigarettes are considered to be harmful for health. These are used a an additional supplement for those who wants to quit smoking, but it has also proved to be harmful in any way. These have harmful chemicals that directly affect human health.

  • It is suggested that teens, pregnant lady and adults should keep distance from these devices like e-cigarettes.
  • Due to presence of nicotine, brain development is affected.
  • E-cigarettes have many toxic substances like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, heavy metals, benzene and many others that affect lungs and other body organs.
  • These devices also have carcinogens that later on causes cancer.
  • As per NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse), It have addictive properties as nicotine is a drug.
  • It is approved that people replace traditional cigarette with e-cigarette, but they are causing almost same effects to health.
  • These are hazardous to environment too, as aerosols are harmful to environment and many e-cigarettes are producing e-waste.
  • Some compounds are found to be destructive to DNA and may cause mutation.
Side effects of vaping

Recent news on e-cigarettes

According to scientists, it is found in 2019 that e-cigarettes are able to cause harmful heart diseases to youth and adult. These are most addictive substances which should not be used as a supplement product after tobacco cigarettes.

Chromium,nickel type of heavy metals cause abnormalities in human body. According to a report by FDA (Food and drug administration) the excessive use of vaping devices can lead to major lung illness and even death of users. Since 2019, it is illegal to sell vaping devices to people less than 21.

Hence, youth and adult should not get attracted for the use of electronic cigarettes. It is better not to get addicted for smoking or vaping.