‘Work Pressure ! Family! Relationship!’ Frustrated ?? Here is the idea of living a carefree Life.


In these modern times, people are more into making their lives easy and comfortable than actually living their lives at all. Taking on so much of stress often makes people anxious nowadays, ultimately leading them to worry about their whole existence. That’s too much to bear!!!

The problem is we try to control every possible thing in our lives, from the nervous flyer fretting about turbulence to dieters unable to shift those last few pounds, many of us expend energy on things we cannot change. 

So why worrying anyway? Does it help us grow? Does it help us to find a solution to anything? Or does it help us to reflect on our own actions? 

You’ll only get one answer…. No. Absolutely not! And I will tell you some of the useful strategies to own the idea of living a care-free life.

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1.Start showing up for yourself:

Commit to habits, practices, routines and rituals that are good for your well being – even when you don’t want to. Acknowledge the multitude of feelings that you feel without giving them any kind of labels such as wrong, bad or negative. Try to practice more listening to your needs and find different ways of meeting those needs.

Forgive yourself more often; for not being perfect, for forgetting, for the mistakes that you had done in your past, not knowing things at times, for seldom losing your track. Let yourself start over and over again as much as you need. Don’t neglect your biological needs like staying hydrated , eating healthy food, getting enough sleep to charge up yourself, moving your body, flexing your muscles and staying clean .

2. Stop seeking outside validation:

Okay, now let’s get this straight! Most of us more or less have this habit of feeling good when other people compliment us or give us a positive remark regarding our qualities, appearance, work etc. It gives us a sense of satisfaction. But what if our self-worth starts being totally dependent on external validations and praises? That’s a Red Flag for sure!

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Once we start hearing too much praises from people , we get into a loop of hearing more and more. We start losing our self-confidence and self-image. Instead of continuously asking people what they think about you , try writing down your own achievements and elaborate more on the hard work you had put behind those.

Take a social media detox and start planning your goals instead. Write down your top 5 or top 10 goals of the year and start working on them, read some good inspirational books, visualize your plans, write down your daily prayer. When you be more productive and start discovering your capabilities, you no more need to worry about outside validations at all.

3. Embrace your imperfections and rejections:

If you want to impress someone in your life… impress yourself. People come and go but you are the one who’ll be staying with you forever. So, don’t keep thinking about the last time you did something stupid and your friends started laughing at your back.

You don’t deserve such people anyway. Or if you keep worrying about the assignment that had been rejected almost 3 years ago because you had mistakenly spilled some ink on it, then honey! snap out of it asap. Don’t let these past incidents trouble you at all, yet you need to know what you’ve learnt from it and how you’ve dealt with the previous mistakes and rejections that you had faced. Grow from these mistakes don’t dwell on them.

4. Socialize more with people you love being around:

Meet and hang out with people who inspire you in a positive way, who make you feel alive and makes your world a lot more simplified. The lesser the negative judgments , the better the life. Always be with people who admire and respect your decisions and your individuality and cut off the ones who don’t. Make more time for your friends and family who keep you motivated, who guide you at your lowest low and also celebrate with you your success.

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So, the next time you meet with your friends, keep those digital gadgets aside and start communicating with them more. Spend more time that you had taken out for them and enjoy each and every moment that passes by.

You’ll start being more carefree than before.

5. Take a moment before reacting:

In these times , people are easily “triggered” or provoked by certain words or actions which then causes anger or frustration in them. People are easily reactive to day-to-day situations like a hate comments from a stranger on social media or just being in a crowded public transport. If you carefully look at these two, you would realize none of these are inherently harmful at all.

It just depends on us, how much power we give to situations like these to take a toll on our mental health. Start identifying the core reasons behind your stressors and ask yourself. Why do they trigger you? Do they remind you of any past incident? How did you tackle with the situation at that time ? Whenever you feel like you’re gonna lose your calm – take a deep breath , walk around the hall (or wherever you might be) and listen to some mindful podcast.

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Final words:

It’s never too late to start falling in love with yourself. Go out, treat yourself, be whoever and whatever you want to be. Identify and be vocal about your boundaries, maintain those and if someone tries to violate them, remove those people from your life. Try on some new looks , get that outfit you’ve always wanted to buy, meditate, hustle and be with yourself no matter what! Keep growing and nurturing yourself.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year !!

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