Hey there! It’s good to see you.

We can pretty much recall the time when we were just little munchkins hopping and playing around everywhere, being the most disobedient kids ever in our school, having the best time of our lives!

Many of us had this habit of scribbling down our thoughts on a piece of paper or just writing them down in a diary (wanting only your best friend to know about it…’cause we trusted them with all our little secrets). Isn’t it?

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Those were the days…..

But then reality just hit us all. We started facing a huge wave of change in our lifestyle, ethics, responsibilities etc. overburdening ourselves with all these new junk. And now we’re all impending towards a doom of our mental health.  

But now that you’re here I just might be of some help regarding why you start again jotting down all your inner thoughts. To be more specific, writing your own journal.

1. You get to know more about yourself:

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So first off, lemme tell you one of most important aspect of writing a journal…. YOU GET TO KNOW YOUR INTRINSIC NEEDS AND VALUE! and why am I saying this with utmost confidence? Because I do it myself! Though I had started acquiring this new hobby on this year itself. Everybody, including me, were just bored while sitting at home not knowing what to do…. or may be just following some new trends on social media – from Dalgona coffee to what not!

But then, I had to ditch those mindless stuff and pay attention to my heart and my spiraling thoughts which I had never done before. I buy a small notebook and start writing down things like affirmations, quotes to live by, prayers, self-care regime, any special people I came across this year, incidents that made me feel emotionally content/ vulnerable and helped me grow. And for the first time I could start acknowledging all the emotions I felt, whether good or bad!

2. You start becoming more articulate:

Initially, when I got my first notebook, I was struggling with “writer’s block”. Totally confused !

“What should I write?” “What should I start with?”


So, I had to take some ideas from YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google and lot more and then after so many research I could only write two small affirmations. Well. At least I wrote something! So that went the 1st day.

On the second, I wrote 3 things that I like about my appearance and damn that was really tough! Never in my life I had written anything about me or my appearance, to be very honest. After a lot of brainstorming I could write them down, but hey! I am definitely not gonna tell you what (I like to keep things a bit hush hush you know).

As days and months went by I finally started gaining confidence and could bring more clarity in my words. I felt so free that all my horizons and imagination started expanding more and more. Just like it’s happening now.

3. You Start Reading More:

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Books had always been and essential part of human life. But for me it was just another negligible object. Reading was like a punishment for me… it was boring, drudgery-ridden and non-sensical. But again, I WAS WRONG.

The mistake I did was, I never tried to know what magic was hidden inside those colorful paperbacks.

As I started writing about my life and my surroundings, I also wanted to know more about Life itself. Each and every known and unknown dimensions that create the Life we live in. The facts we’re still unaware of, the people who can give us several new directions to our thought process and make us believe in our core abilities.

Henceforth, I started reading. And I had never been so ecstatic than that. All my questions, all my doubts, all my curiosity started getting their answers started getting their fuel. It seemed like we were waiting to know each other.

“The world belongs to those who read”

– Rick Holland.

I would love to share some of the finest books I had come across so far-

  • Personality Isn’t Permanent – Benjamin hardy.
  • Becoming Bulletproof – Evy Pompouras.
  • Phantoms In The Brain – V.S. Ramachandran.
  • The Book Of Human Emotions – Tiffany Watt Smith.
  • Ikigai : The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – Francesc Miralles & Hector Garcia.
  • The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini.

If I go on, it may not end. So, I’ll just try to keep the list tad short. Let’s move on to my next point.

4.You Get To Know Your Creative Side:

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If you ever feel like you’ve lost your creativity over time…. you can get that back even now! And guess what? You’ll definitely regret if you don’t.

Our creative side never ends along with our long lost childhood. It’s just buried under all those extra load of unhinging duties we got to fulfil every single day without giving ourselves the time we deserve. I know it sounds too fancy like “Ooh, so you’re telling me I should start acting like a 9 year- old? Coloring and drawing stuff all throughout the day?”

Obviously I’m not! But you can take off 5 to 10 minutes of the time from your work schedule and relive your childhood by just doodling or sketching or just by organizing some of your rarest collections and flaunt them later on. I mean, you can do anything to rekindle that flame of innumerous ideas you had kept all stored inside. Avoiding all the passing judgements and turning a deaf ear towards your inner critic, you can be the best version of yourself without a doubt.

Now that you got know some of the most important benefits of keeping your own journal, I would love to give you a huge Thanks! for taking your time and reading the whole stuff. It means a lot!

Hope we get to meet soon… Ciao!