Teenager pregnancies become a dangerous problem of the society!! Let’s find out 6 important reasons, risk factors and precautions of this serious problem!!


Adolescent pregnancies or teenager pregnancies have become a global problem mainly happen in marginalized and poorer communities. Pregnancies which among the woman aged younger than 19 years are generally called teenage pregnancies. One woman can conceive if she involves with the vaginal sex along with a male person at her any age after she started to having her monthly period on a regular basis.


                            As per the report of the “Centers for Disease and Prevention”, at around 194,000 kids were born in America in 2017 where the mom’s ages between 15 to 19. In India, approximately 700,000 females are conceiving every year according to the report of “WHO” (“World Health Organization”). These results are really very shocking because there often arise the death causing complications to the teenage pregnant women at the time of their pregnancy period.

Reasons behind the teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy can happen due to the various kinds of reasons-

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  • Sometimes persons become the victim of the lack of knowledge about the reproductive and sexual health as well as about the rights.
  • The community, family and the social pressure often force a teenager to married and followed by pregnant.
  • The sexual violence also can be a major cause behind the adolescence pregnancy.
  • Sometimes teenage pregnancy can be possible if the girl is under the control of drugs because the teenagers often loose their controls after inhaling the drugs.
  • Illiteracy is one of the vital reasons of teenage pregnancy.
  •  Due to their lower socio-economic status, some parents are forced to get their children married at before 18 years of age and therefore the girls get their pregnancy before the age of 19.

Risk factors of the teenage pregnancy


Teenage women and their babies often have various kinds of medical risk factors due to the early aged pregnancy of the teenagers-

  • There is the high chance of having high blood pressure among the teenage pregnant girls.
  • The conceived adolescents also can have the problem of anemia due to their teenage pregnancy.
  • The pregnant teenagers often suffer from some mental stresses and followed by depression and mental trauma as they feel frightened as well as worried about the entire process of pregnancy.
  •  Sometimes the conceived teenagers take their last breath at the time of giving birth of their baby unable to bear the pain.
  •  Beside these, their lives of their babies are also in the stake, sometimes they do not survive.
  • There arise the high chances of having the premature as well as physically challenged babies due to the pregnancy of the teenagers.

Precaution or prevention suggestions of the teenage pregnancy

There are some suggestions that can help to eradicate such a serious problem like teenage pregnancy-

  • The knowledge of the sexual rights and reproductive and sexual health are needed to be spread to all over the world.
  • Government needs to take step against those family and community which force the teenage girls to becoming married.
  • The sexual violence is needed to be stopped. The Government need to take more strict actions against the matter.
  • The drug inhalation of the teenage girls should be prevented, the parents should give the extra attention about this matter.
  • The light of the education should spread allover the world because only education can remove the darkness of the illiteracy.
  • The governmental authorities need to take some more useful actions for the wellness of the teenage girls who have been belonging from the lower socio-economic status.

Therefore it is clarified that the teenage pregnancy need to be stopped immediately otherwise the teenage girls will submerge into the various kinds of medical complications and have to die at the very early of their age.