Are you struggling with an extremely busy schedule and work stress? Check out 5 advantages of keeping a diary that will make you feel relaxed!

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5 amazing benefits of writing journal
Jagran Josh

Problems like work stress, family issues, relationships- anything that you feel can no longer be bottled up inside your mind, can be sorted out by writing them down in a diary. Writing in a diary, journal or a notebook, makes you feel lighter, when practiced as a daily habit.

Know yourself better!

Sometimes your feelings about a problematic situation is confusing to yourself too! Unless you look within your personal perpective, in a completely honest manner, it is difficult to realise the best way to deal with it.

So, sit in a quiet or comfortable place and write what you feel about it. It will automatically make your thoughts clear, and sometimes even the most unthought-of solutions may crop up from within your mind!


Release the burden of work stress.

We all have few things that needs to be addressed in private space. It could be a secret, an unpopular opinion, or something that that has hurt you. To regularly write these down in a diary is a great method of releasing the burden of all these feelings that you cannot talk to anyone about!

Your diary soon becomes your friend; the helplessness of being confused about how to relieve yourself of personal feelings that end up stressing you, is dynamically decreased if it is written down on a daily basis!

Know you schedule: Work out a strategy to deal with work-stress!

On the day before an extremely busy day, list down all your work that is to be done! Segregate them into order of preference and give them time slots. If you have written a diary daily, you can always refer to your previous entries to identify issues you faced while dealing with a particular work. In this way, you are prepared to face your busy day with an already thought-out plan!

A diary entry serves as a daily life and work-stress report!

Once you start writing about all the little and major doings of your daily life, you can come to a balance. This means that you can always look back on your entries and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.

Diaries are extremely important methods of self-analysis and self-criticism. By having entire journals of your own personal discourses, you can even have a strong memory. In situations of confusion and extreme life or work- stress you can remember how you dealt with it in the past- especially how you deal with it most comfortable and effectively!

An overall organization of work stress

Once you are all set, writing daily events and reflecting upon them, you will find your life much more organized. Recording your daily achievements and areas of improvement can give you time to set goals for the future.

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A weekly checklist, or daily goal-setting can be extremely helpful. Once you find yourself ticking off your checklists, your life will be a stream of positivity!

On a daily basis, this practice will significantly reflect your personality. Your anxieties about coping with a busy schedule and extreme work stress will lessen, and you will find a calm, organized self!

Develop a better writing skill

The habit of writing a daily diary, especially encourages one to get used to the skill of writing itself. It significantly develops positively, vocabulary, sentence-formation, and a general skill to put your feelings in words.

If you write daily about things that actually matter to you, your interest in writing, and your love for the extremely important skill grows. From setting out routines, recording experiences of travel, letting out secrets without anyone really knowing, will only work towards the betterment of your strong sense of writing.

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So, start writing a diary today! And you can witness your own ability to have a strong, organized strategy to fight of mental stress, work stress, and any kind of bottled up emotion. It is a great way to communicate with yourself, and take a break from a stressful and taking socialization, for both introverts and extroverts.