Anger is a natural phenomenon in humans. 2022


Anger: 2022


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It is a million-dollar question of what the future life will be after retirement from the service. The retired life can be as busy as the service life provides if you lead a purposeful retired life. However, there is a sudden hollowness in the retired life ahead if you are inactive. I am also going through retired life.

I nowadays write for a digital magazine ‘ unveil. Press. I now face a famine of subjects to write about. I got angry about why I wrote so many articles so quickly. So I thought it would be a good idea to write an article on ‘anger.’


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In the age of computers and advanced life, we are going through a strange phase. Sometimes we run, and other times we pause. But nothing is in our control. But sometimes, situations whisper to us, ‘go ahead, run for success and sustain the fast-paced life.’ And when any obstacle hinders us in this phase, we lose patience and temper. We get angry. We drown in despair. And it eventually leads to anger.


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No one would want to create anger in themselves. We often decide, ‘Okay, from today onwards, I won’t get angry, but anger eventually visits our mind.” There is always a reason to get angry. Anger is a part of our life. But not keeping anger under control creates mental stress.

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A baby is not born with anger. Instead, he learns to be angry with the surrounding environment. His parents will fulfill his wish if he continues to cry after showing anger.

But sometimes controlled anger has positive effects too. For example, parents scold children for making them disciplined. Teachers sometimes show anger so that students can study properly. There will be slackness at work if the office boss becomes sluggish. So he has to be strict and may sometime show his anger if his subordinate does not give output.

Ways & means to control anger

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Courtesy: Quora. How to deal with anger. Check how many of them you could follow or not follow. Yes, on paper or theoretically, we may get many ideas. It may sometime sound sermonic.

A noted Bengali periodical stated that those in the habit of doing exercise or doing work of hard labor have relatively lesser anger. Conversely, those who are lazy have more bitterness.

Socialization lessened your anger. For those who have many friends, their anger is comparatively less than a person who lives in isolation. Loneliness breeds insecurity. Anger is the effect of insecurity.

There is another way to control it. The person you are angry with, imagine your mood if you were in that person’s place. Recently, a Bengali magazine made this point with an example. If someone pushes you on the bus, you will naturally pour out your anger on him. But before venting your anger on him, if you once think about why he did this. Is any member of his family sick? Is this why he is suffering from stress? If you keep a thought, it will inspire you to control your anger.


But remember one thing. Anger is a symptom and not a disease. No disease is symptom-free. But symptoms may not always lead to infection. Likewise is anger

Nowadays, many therapies are available. One of them is Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and another is Breathing Exercise. Both these exercises helped to keep down your anger and stress. But I feel more than therapy. It is your willpower that can put your anger in check.