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Freedom of thought: 7 incredible things that make you different from others!! But how?? Check the points below.


Freedom of thought is a freedom that encourages us to take our own decisions.


A lot of us have anxieties about not being able to fit in. Or the fear of being unacceptable to society, or our peer group. Often, we find a ritual of an entire class of school children writing the same answer, after discussing it with one another. While it is good to have friends who help us find solutions not only in classrooms, but in real lives, it is most important to be able to take decisions on our own, and struggle with our OWN efforts.

To be able to stand out in a crowd is both important and brave, especially in a world of connectedness through social media, phones, and text messages. Already, the rate of a growing psychology that wants to live up to the expectations of the world of instagram and snapchat, where each life is ‘lit‘ according to the current lingo.

It should be remembered that beyond what others think of you, or beyond what you feel you should do be a part of the ‘cool crowd’ you must be able to fight off such a compulsion before it harms you. Here are 10 things that make you undeniably unique!

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Clarity and freedom of thought and opinion:

You should be able and aware of what happens around you. Especially in work environments or any official meetings, you must put across, confidently, what according to you is the right step ahead. Once you’re mind has a clear opinion, even if it is not accepted or not according to the tastes of everyone, your suggestion will be unique, and might help your company or project to become a unique one as well.

Courage to face consequences

Sometimes, people who speak against the crowd are faced with consequences like being ignored or criticized by the higher officials. The courage to speak out for something that is right, or something that is against a harmful activity taking place, is extremely necessary. It should not be compromised with.

Spirit of resistance

Every person holds the freedom to protest! Don’t be afraid of being repressed or facing professional disadvantages. If you have the sincerity towards your ideology, you will be a stronger and more successful person as a whole.

Rejecting any kind of unnecessary authority

We always see people who are constantly influenced by other peoples’ opinions. Be it life decisions, fashion advice, or choosing one out of two options, you can listen to your friends’ opinion but NEVER take it as a compulsion. Enjoy your freedom of choice and judgement. Remember, if you don’t like it yourself, no good can ever come out of the decision.

Avoiding social media taking over your lifestyle

We all know how harmful social media overuse can be! Keep it purely as something to do during leisure, and NOT something that constantly takes up your life! Live your life offline, travel, and talk to friends in real life!

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Being able to stay alone, or enjoying the company of yourself.

Remember that unless you have the right mind to be able to spend time alone, quietly, by yourself, extreme socialization will never bring you peace. If your mind constantly needs people around you to validate your presence, you should probably focus on trying to be alone for certain periods of time, doing your favorite things like writing or listening to music.

Not trying to copy others: freedom to have your unique ways

For example, right before an exam, your friend tells you that you had to study a chapter and you haven’t. You instantly panic, try to read and memorize the entire chapter in 10 minutes. During the exam you find that this chapter was unnecessary, but you have also forgotten what you have studied, and ruin the whole paper.

Remember to hold on to your habits, your strengths, and be confident about them. If you accept criticism and use it for your benefits, instead of being disturbed or demotivated by it, you will be better as a person, with a unique personality.

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