Period Tracking Apps : Do you think your data is safe in Period Tracking Apps? Read on to know the exact answer..

Period Tracking Apps : Do you think your data is safe in Period Tracking Apps? Read on to know the exact answer..

Maximum number of women cannot recall or remember what is their exact starting date of mensturation or period. As because nowadays everyone is having a packed up schedule and busy schedule for which day can’t remember everything. So in order to make sure that their period is coming, they use different mensturation tracking apps. Well, I being a woman also use this app in order to track my period records.

These kinds of app give notification regarding when your mensturation is coming. But do you know that whether our data is safe in that specific app or it might harm as in future? This type of question might strike often your mind, and some people are terrified of using this app because of questions.

So in order to help you we are here, in this article we are going to talk about that whether using such apps are really safe for us and whether they are saving our data how to ask only or they can harm ask with them in the future. This article is going to be extremely important and informative so read on till the end to know the exact answer of it.

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According to a recent study it has been identified that these kinds of app can harm you in future as they’re storing a copy of your data.According to a few privacy expert, they are warning as not to use search kinds of app to store our data as this can be used against us in order to blackmail. Bethany Corbin, ESQ, LLM, a fem tech and privacy attorney at Nixon Gwilt Law said, Reproductive health tracker and period tracker apps such as Flo, Clue, and Cycle Tracking in the Apple Health App provide different health suggestion which needs to be followed by us in order to stay healthy.

In order to get such healthy suggestion user used to share their privacy or private data in order to live a healthy life. These kinds of apps usually volunteer personal information, such as cycle length and menstrual symptoms, in order to provide prediction against an individual user’s health. Some people often used these kinds of app while they are pregnant. According to Corbin, these kinds of data are actually not proper or applicable who are pregnant as because it can lead to abortion. Used might be must be aware and serious while using these kinds of app.

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As of the information, many fem tech companies which targets women’s health needs, are actually falling through the cracks of federal privacy regulations. So most period tracking apps are not required to be compiled with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which actually dictate privacy of every individual user. According to Corbin, if a woman is going to share her data with a Health Care provided then it is going to be safe with them but if by any mistake she is going to put they are private data in such kinds of app, then it can definitely harm as they can do anything with the provided data.

Specially your data can be stolen by different hackers and they can definitely use against them you for different purpose and obviously for their benefits. Same time, we do not know that the health suggestion the apps is providing either true or not, so it can also harm our health too. According to the information, many of such Healthcare apps or period tracking apps are new or startup, so they don’t have that much of capability or fund to provide a proper protection to all the users. And as a result for this issue your data can be stolen by any hacker which can be used against you.

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How to protect yourself from such period tracking apps ?

Only the way you can protect yourself from such kinds of harassment is to cross take whether the app is providing a proper privacy policy or not. You find app is not providing a proper privacy, then there is no requirement of using such kinds of stupid apps. The best way you can keep your health healthy is to consult your doctor rather than using such apps for depending upon such apps. As because doctor is going to assure you 100% safety while providing any kinds of guidance which may not be available or provided in such apps.

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Hope we could provide proper kinds of information regarding the specific topic, whether period tracking is safe for providing or saving your data or not. Let us know still you are thinking of using such period tracking apps or not. Share your opinion in the common section regarding it.

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