Students Loan Apps : Learn About 4 Best Application For Students In India

Students Loan Apps : Learn About 4 Best Application For Students In India

Well, to be honest, we all have till date at least one heard about the name of students loan apps. Those are the particular app which has been developed by the creators in order to help these students who actually need a specific amount of money for a specific reason. As we all know when we enter our teenage, be actually feel shy to ask money from our parents for very casual things. We all have gone through this phase. In our generation, there were no such applications are available from where we can actually lend or borrow some money.

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But for the new or the upcoming generation, this impossible is being made possible by the creator or applications developers. This application is actually known as students loan apps, from where actually student can land or borrow some money and pay them afterwards with a minimum interest rate. You might be shocked after hearing this but to be honest, there are many applications available in the market which can actually help student and also can also be called as student loan apps. In this article, we are going to talk about a few paste students loan apps in India where student can actually get loans for a specific period.

So, if you want to gain some information from this article, then you have to read till the end. We are going to start this article without doing anymore delay.

Students loan apps no. 1 : mPokket

mPokket are one of the most recommended and one of the best loan students loan apps. Maximum number of people is going to recommend you if you are desiring to get a few amounts of money as a loan. These are specifically made for college student who can instantly apply for loan within arrange of 500 INR to 30,000 INR. All you need to follow a few simple steps at the first you need to download the application, and submit the required documents in a scanned format, and congrats you are ready to go.

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The loan amount from mPokket can be directly transferred to bank accounts and Paytm wallet and the only thing you need to do is return the money within 1-2 months at a minimum interest rate of 1-6% this might vary depending upon the amount you have taken as a loan. This application is only for the students who are having an age of 18 or above, and also studying under the recognised University and also having own bank account. The correspondence student cannot take the facility from this app.

Students loan apps no. 2 : Pocketly

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It is also considered as one of the best application for student loan purposes. If you are belonging to those categories of student who cannot pay their tuition fees, recreational activities and personal expenditures. Pocketly app is actually available on Google play store which you can download immediately to an amount of loan between Rs. 500 to Rs. 6000, this amount can be paid in easy installments. The repayment tenure of the loan is nearly 1 to 3 months and the interest rate you need to pay with the repayment is near around  1 to 3% per month.

Students loan apps no. 3 : RedCarpet

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With the help of this particular apps student can easily get loan instantly for different online and offline transactions. This platform usually provides interest free loan amount for the students. It actually provides an easy 1-month return policy on loans ranging between 1,000 to 6,000 INR. Even it give users the option to repay the loan amount in easy installment by selecting tenure period of three, six, nine and 12-month basis.

Students loan apps no. 4 : KrazyBee


One of the easiest and finest loan apps for student is this one. All the students can easily take or apply for a loan with the help of their college ID card and address proof. With this application you can easily pay your semester fees, tuition fees, college expenses, online purchases and even a two-wheeler installments. The maximum amount the app usually provide is Rs. 2,000 in a month. The repayment can be made within 12 months in easy EMIs.

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