10 Myth About Dogs, You Need To Stop Believing Them Now

10 Myth About Dogs, You Need To Stop Believing Them Now

To be honest, there are more than thousands of myth available in our surrounding. But you are going to get a stone age after hearing that there are also some myth available based upon dogs. We are not talking about something best upon our thinking, there are something available which actually being believed by many people since ancient time. We all know that there are many myth available based upon different facts. For today’s article we are going to talk about a few dogs myth which you definitely need to stop believing right now. Today’s article is going to be informative as well as important so try to read till the end.

Myth No. 1 : Dogs can only be fed meat


This is one of the wrong myth till date as because dogs should not be given to eat only the meat. A balance diet of dogs should contain different vegetables along with meats. This is the only process by which dogs will get all kinds of nutrients. Feeding them only meat in an excessive amount can lead to calcium deficiency and secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Myth No. 2 : Dogs wag their tail when they are happy.

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Apart from happiness, dogs make wag their tail to express different emotions, such as anxiety, irritation, agitation and many more. According to a study, it has revealed that, depending upon the emotion of a dog waving speed of their tail may vary.

Myth No. 3 : Dogs clothes are totally useless.


This thinking is totally wrong and invalid as because dogs also need some warm clothes to cope up with winter. Few kinds of dog usually have fur which makes them warmer, such as Alaskan Malamutes or Huskies. But there are few dogs who doesn’t have any kinds of fur such as chihuahuas, groomed dogs, those with short paws, and older ones needs one clothes in order to cope up with some winter cold.

Myth No. 4 : Dogs pees on the floor from angerness.

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This concept is totally wrong as because there are various reasons available with might makes your dog pee inside and not on the outside, such as stress, urinary incontinence and the instinct to mark the territory. If you ever going to find any wet mats at home, you need to visit a vat to make sure that your dog is not having any serious health related issues.

Myths No. 5 : Dogs only see black and white colour in the world.


To be honest, like us, dogs can also see visualize colours. But as of our thinking that dogs can only see black and white colour in the world, this is totally wrong. Yeah it’s true that dogs doesn’t able to see the colors as we used to see. Their eyes are like those of people who are having red-green color blindness. Hence, dogs can visualise yellow and blue coloured and cannot see red or green color.

Myth No. 6 : Dry nose of dogs reveal they are ill.

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Dog’s health condition cannot be measured depending upon the temperature and nose moistness. The best way to check if your dog is having a fever or not is to measure their body temperature. It should lie in between 100°F-102.5°F. Apart from fever, other few symptoms which may reveal that your dog is ill are vomiting and diarrhea, sneezing, frequent urination, and low activity.

Myth No. 7 : There are no hypoallergenic dogs.


This concept is totally wrong as because unfortunately there are no such breed presence which are hypoallergenic. Yes, there are some breeds that shed less fur or have less fur to begin with. So you need to make sure that your dog is not hypoallergenic.

Myth No. 8 : Dogs do not bite their owners.

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Maximum number of dog owners used to believe that dogs used to attack upon those people about whom they feel negative. But according to a study, it has proven that this typical thinking is not entirely true. The study has proven that, dog owners are bitten by dogs 3.3 times more often than those that don’t have dogs. Around 50% of the cases has shown, dogs’ owners were unaware about the bite from their pets.

Myth No. 9 : It’s useless to train an adult dog.


Around 90% of the people think it is quite easier to train puppies as compared to the adult dogs. But this is a wrong concept as it has been to identify that training an adult pet is quite easier than they can control themselves much better and can also hear your commands.If you are going to train your dog regularly it is definitely going to help in sharpening your dog’s mind.

Myth No. 10 : Dogs are required to give birth before they are spayed.

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If you are not thinking of becoming a dog breeder, there is no requirement of waiting for the dog to give birth before you spay it. Mainly spaying up before the first cycle lowers the risk of breast cancer that is often detected in unspayed female dogs.

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