Octopus Mating Facts : Do You Know Why Octopuses Torture And Kill Themselves After Mating! Read On To Know!!

Octopus Mating Facts : Do You Know Why Octopuses Torture And Kill Themselves After Mating! Read On To Know!!

Among every creature, octopus are recognised as a kind of creature with a totally different from every other creature.

Though we all know mating is the most common thing every creature uses to perform. In order to give birth to the new babies or a next generation mating is required to be performed.

Maybe mating is a different ending upon the character on the feature that creature is having.

But you might be surprised after hearing that this particular creature usually torture and kill themselves after mating.

Well, we know you might think that we are joking or just saying something disgusting.

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Actually, we are not wear talking about the reality that actually happens in the life of this creature.

Well, we all know that some animals used to die after reproducing, but this creature usually behaves totally different from the other animals.

According to the scientific research, it has been identified that when this creature are near to mother’s eggs, get close to hatching, and also stop eating.

Even sometimes mother octopoda bents on self-destruction. And even sometimes she might be herself to a rock and even tear her own skin. She might eat pieces of her own arms.

But according to a research recently published it has identified that, after mating and giving birth, female octopoda usually torture and kills the male octopus.

Though till date no such research or information has revealed why such a thing is performed or undertaken by this creature.

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But through recently done research and observation, it has been identified why they usually used to perform this thing.

Recently research has been performed and where the exact thing has been revealed with his definitely going to shock you.

As you are going to be surprised after hearing that why exactly they perform this thing in their life.

According to the research scientist has revealed that, before giving birth to their new once or before hatching eggs, female octopus usually kill male octopus and eat them.

This information has been gathered from a recently published scientific newspaper named ‘Current Biology’ has revealed that when the female octopus becomes pregnant, they usually go through different Chemical changes.

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These Chemical changes actually affect their body parts and these change makes themselves to do such awkward things.

But according to a study or research done in the year 1977, reveals that they doesn’t go through any chemical changes, but they used to go through different hormonal changes which actually affect their different body parts.

And because of these hormonal changes, they cannot control over themselves, and as a result these changes forces them to do such awkward things.

Though exactly what is the reason behind killing their partners after mating was not revealed or explain yet but recently a study has explained it broadly.

Actually octopuses usually follow a culture of eating themselves, matter the size of the octopus it might be a baby or elder octopus, maximum number of cases the old octopuses usually kill other in order to eat them.

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According to the study, it has also revealed that before giving birth, this creature usually makes steroid from themselves. This steroid helps to protect the baby octopus from the other.

This is the only reason the they used to torture and kill and also eat their partner. Well, it is not a bad or unrelevant thing as because the mother is doing this only to protect her baby octopus.

For this research a scientist longing from Washington University, United States, named Jed Young Wang said that, “from a very long time we are trying to find out why this creature usually behave in such a way, after this research we find that they usually perform these in order to protect their child.”

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