Why vehicle maintenance is important? Here are 5 steps you must incorporate into your checklist!!


In our present modern world, almost everyone has a vehicle of their own. Owning a personal vehicle has been so important especially after the pandemic because of the safety reasons. Commuting in public transport is a big risk, as the social distancing is not maintained there and due to lack of safety and precaution it is always safe to travel in your own vehicles.

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Why do you need to maintain your vehicles?

things you need to know to maintain a car

Owning a vehicle is not only about buying one but also maintain it on a regular basis which will then be safe and easy to handle. In order to maintain your vehicles properly, you need to follow a checklist and strictly follow a regular check-up every 4 months which will keep you hassle free from uncertain times. This check-up ensures all the parts of your car to be in mint condition and a proper servicing to keep them functional. Often people tend to buy a new car but forget about the maintenance which leads to various problems which occurs in the car and often they sold the car within a very short time span.

What are the important steps you must incorporate in your checklist?


Inspect and maintain tires

Maintaining adequate tire pressure is very important as it influences the mileage of the car and ensures smooth ride quality over bumps. You need to know the exact tire pressure PSI of your own vehicle and then you need to inflate or deflate accordingly every 7 days.

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You must check the condition of your tires every 1 year which will help you to know the life span of those tires and can prevent any blowout as it is very dangerous for you and your co-passengers as well as for your car. The grip above the tires will help you to understand how flat the tire has become and you need to change every 20,000 km.

Change the oil

You need to maintain a routine check-up of your engine oil and replacing them every one month depending upon the quality. This will ensure the engine to be in running condition. Changing engine oil is not a rocket science, instead if you want you can change it in your home without visiting the service centre, just by following the steps to drain and fill oil as mentioned by your car manual. You need to decide your engine oil as per three factors like your cars oil viscosity, you want to go for synthetic or mineral oil, your cars average kms for every 1 litre of gas.

Check the fluids

There are various fluids in your car which should be maintained at an appropriate level like coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, suspension oil.

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If any of these fluid starts to leak it will create a problem, so proper keeping a track on those level will improve the way your car drives. Every fluid in your car is identical as every fluid is of different colour.

Change the air filter

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Your car has an air filter placed just above the engine which ensures that the air which is plucked by the engine to combust should be clean and dust free. These filters have a shelf life and they become useless after a certain time which various according to your locality. These air filters need to be checked and replaced if necessary.

Check your brakes


Brakes are one of the most important factors to be checked while maintain your car. You can check the condition of your brakes by inspecting your brake pads and if it is worn-out then you need to change those brake pads as soon as possible. If the brake pads are partially worn out you can extend using those pads till some time. Maintaining your brakes will improve the quality of the drive.

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