5 types of rare diseases that you never heard before!..

Rare disease

Rare disease, There are many people in the world who live normally like us but they have a lot of illnesses and abnormalities in their normal life. Which is really rare in the world.

Many of us have heard of many rare physical and mental illnesses. However, there are many diseases in the world that we do not know. You are bound to be thrilled to hear the names of those diseases and their explanations.

Like have you ever heard of a human having 5 kidneys? Or is the tree slowly coming out of the human body? Or suppose a man is slowly being burned alive? Haven’t you heard?

So let’s talk about the 5 rare diseases that we are going to introduce to you today and the life of those patients.

1) Ingrafia rare disease: –

Rare disease

I hope you have not heard the name of this disease before.
A 25-year-old woman named Samara Rose is suffering from this disease.

In this disease people gradually burn every day and the body is always heated.

Overnight, Rose has two rare diseases called erythromyelgia and rhinoid.

Causing his body temperature to become excessively hot and burn slowly. When the body heats up, the internal blood circulation stops, and then the body starts burning. Then after a while the blood circulation in the body becomes normal and the body feels the pain of burning, which is equal to the pain of death.

Samara always has to stay at a temperature of 72 ° Fahrenheit or 18 Celsius for this disease.
He has to sit in front of two traffickers. Samara can’t even sleep at night because of the pain of this disease.

Samara’s father Brian had the same disease. Samara’s mother earns a living alone in California. Not that he couldn’t get treatment because he didn’t have much money. There was no benefit in Samara’s life even after seeing more than 100 doctors.

Her mother believes that one day Samara will recover and lead a normal life.

2) Ethiosis of congenital lameller: –

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This rare disease is found in a woman named Palama who lives in Brazil.

This disease is actually a genetic disease. In this disease, the skin of the human body is very dry. It is so dry that Palama has to wash his face repeatedly.

Palama cannot speak properly for this disease. There is no cure for this disease.

From an early age, Palama suffers from various physical and mental afflictions due to this disease. School children also used to make fun of him.

When Palama was in her mother’s womb, the doctor said that her baby would be abnormal. So the baby should be ruined.

But Palama’s mother, Sandra, did not. Palama has grown up, walking, they are happy to be with them.

3) Uterus Deadphys: –

double uterus pictures
being the parent

This rare disease has been found in the body of Elizabeth, a resident of Wessels Hall, UK. You will be thrilled to hear that.

Elizabeth has more than one uterus in her body for this disease.

An ordinary woman is interrogated one by one, but Elizabeth has two uteruses in her body, namely two cervixes and two female genitals.

From an early age, vomiting and dizziness occur every day.

It is usually impossible to have a baby with this disease, but Elizabeth gave birth to this girl. And in 2015, when his disease was on the rise, he was diagnosed with this rare disease.

But Elizabeth is very strong mentally. She has been working hard to warn other women of this rare disease.

4) Heriditary exotosis: –

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Dan Ajaya, a citizen of USA, was born with this rare disease.

Usually there are 206 bones in the human body. However, this rare disease has 298 bones in the human body.

This person named Dan Ajaya also has 296 bones in his body and it is congenital.

After many treatments and operations, 42 bones were removed from his body.

Dan has had many problems since he was a child.

5) Epidermo-dysplasia versiformis: –

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Well, we all know that plants grow in the forest. But did you know that trees also come out of the human body?
Surprisingly, this is true.

It is a rare disease called epidermo-dysplasia versiformis. This disease slowly comes out of the human body. A total of 6 people in the world have this disease at present.

Among them Abul Bajandar of Bangladesh is a mentioned patient. The disease is gradually seen in his body from a young age.

For this disease he cannot eat by himself nor can he caress his daughter.

Although Abul had performed the operation once, he left the hospital without completing it. And the consequence of this is now his condition.

We are really sorry for such a strange people in the world.