Are you scared of snakes ? Then let’s read about 10 scary snakes in world wide part 1


Snakes, Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am with a different kind of article for you about a very interesting creature of our world nature and environment. That is one of the scary animal!…

So guys our world is the most suspicious thing, according to me. The human beings, the animals, the insects, the birds, the trees, the mountains, the oceans, the forests, and all the creatures of the world are the most interesting subject to read and invention new things every moment of life.

There are many creatures in our world whose existence is unknown to many of us.

There are also many animals that people do not easily know because of the different species and species.

The snake is such an animal. The species is of different types and most of them are unknown to the common people.

So today we introduce you to 10 species of snakes whose names you may have never heard before and know nothing about their behavior.

1) Spider Tail Horned Viper:


Hearing the name of this snake, it is understood that spider and snake are a combination of animals.

In fact, this snake looks like a normal snake, but their tails look exactly like spiders.

This type of snake is not found in India or Bangladesh. These are found in Western Iran.

These are very embarrassing snakes. When hunting, they hide their bodies and stick their tails out so that when they see an animal, they think it is a spider; And attacks within seven moments of being caught.

2) Flying Snakes :

flying snake 01

Hearing the name of Flying Snake, many people think that such a snake can fly.

No, these snakes can fly, but not like birds. They jump from one tree to another, and not only that, they can float in the sky for a long time because of their light weight.

And in this way they hunt and go to the trees.

3) Spitting cobra:

cobra spitting venom

These snakes are mainly found in Africa. The specialty of these snakes is that they release their venom from a distance of about 3 meters before hunting any animal or human.

Once the venom of this snake touches a human eye, that person will go blind. And this snake basically throws poison in the eyes.

People who have done wild research must keep their eyes completely protected when approaching these snakes.

4) Atheris hispida:

GettyImages 108350845 4270f5655ff6412ca918c7f9e575bd7c

This type of snake is found mainly in Central Africa.

They look very strange in nature, a bit like a brush. They have many species but these snakes are basically very venomous.

Once they bite a person, it will not be long before he dies.

5) Two-headed snake:

Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis TwoHeaded cb2011 A4 ed 768x512 1

Hearing the name, you may have an idea of ​​what these snakes can be.

These snakes have two heads in one body. In the old days, people thought this kind of snake was a curse.

Seeing them, everyone thought that something bad would happen. But now it does not happen anymore.

This snake skull is not very poisonous. Because they do not live very long, scientists have not been able to do much research on them.

However, many experts say that snakes are born with two heads in one body because they did not fully develop in the mother’s womb before they were born.

6) Sunda Island Pit Viper:


This type of snake is mainly found in Indonesia. The name of this snake is in the first row among the beautiful looking snakes in the world.

These blue-looking snakes usually prey on rats and frogs, but sometimes they also prey on humans by invading human settlements

Okay guys so in my next article I will tell you about the next 4 and scary snakes in world. Hope you like it. Thank you..