Amazing games’90s’ kids would definitely remember playing!


Games were an exciting part of our growing up. Being born in the 90s is a different kind of experience, where we saw a massive transition from landline phones to the first cell-phones, and slowly into the age of the android, and eventually so much more.

Looking back on our childhood, we often find that the times were changing extremely fast, and was often at a stage between the ultimate technologically engrossed kids we now spot, and the non-technological, non-smart phone watching kids that preceded them.

However, with the on-set of our first desktops probably in our school computer labs, before we had our private ones at home- and the first cell phones- one for the entire family, we had a brand new excitement, which was GAMES! The idea of ‘games’ had just begun its trannsition into the virtual world, and we were absolutely awe-struck at the new world of computer games.

Some of these were:


Road Rash was the most exciting bike-racing game that we had! Our friends or siblings crowded the screen while we raced on, and they cheered for us!

This motorcycle-race game was developed by Electronic Arts in 1991. It features bikers who engage in illicit, physically violent actions while the race is on, which was perhaps the excitement which got kids hooked to it! In case you really miss it, here is the download link for it:

Download Road Rash |

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Mid-town Madness was much like Road Rash, except here we got to drive around our four-wheelers.Midtown Madness is a 1999 racing game developed by Angel Studios and published by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows. The race happened in four modes namely Blitz, Circuit, Checkpoint, and Cruise.

The best part about this game was that it did not restrict our cars to just the racing track, but threw us into an open world, where we could go about exploring new roads- by the seaside, or break right into the glass windows, or topple off other cars (and, people) on the streets.

Midtown Madness | The Racing Madness Wiki | Fandom


The world of Sims was a whole new experience. You could become whoever you want to be, choosing your characters- moreover, creating them with the tiniest details, in the later versions, even eye colour, night-suits, and traits!

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The different furniture, with so many colours and designs, and a home to design all by our selves was just ONE part of this excitement! Then we went on to control each action, the children went to school, while the adults had job promotions.

The game was brilliantly detailed, and stayed on with us with its various upgrades and versions!


Found mostly in the first few models of Nokia phones with qwerty keyboars, Snakes got us completely hooked for too long! Remember convincing adults to lend us their phones so we could play Snake? Sometimes, we didn’t even ask1


Tetris and Bubble-shooter came hand in hand, and gave us almost the same satisfaction while the same coloured bubble lined up and exploded, and the perfectly shaped blocks fit right into each other.

Tetris Analytics screen capture
Research Gate

Tetris was developed by Russian developers in 1984 for the Elektronika 60 computers and features ‘tetrinimos’ or building blocks that fell from the top in different shapes- which had to be fit into each other much like a jigsaw puzzle.


As we grew older, and were finally allowed to search the web, we discovered amazing gaming sites, one of which was! It absolutely blew our minds away, with all the pretty barbie featuring games, especially the dress-up games. The new games which came on, with new Barbie movies like the Mariposa, the Mermaidia, and the 12 Dancing Princesses- just excited us to the max!

odette dress up 1987

These were simple games with gave us simple joy. However, the way children have been immersed as an addiction into the virtual world of games on smart phones, is horrendous, and it counts as our responsibility to save ourselves and our future from the misery this could lead to, if the ‘fun’ become unlimited.

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