Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World. Read Now

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The dog is a very lovable and sweet animal. If we talk about the most trusted animal in the world, then the name of the dog comes first. Because dogs are very domineering. Many times a dog does not even care about its own life for its owner. Also, if there is a smell of danger or if they think that his or her owner’s life is in doubt by someone, then the dog will not let them take their life. There are still 340 breeds of dogs in the world. According to research, 100 million dogs are found in the USA. Here we will discuss 10 breeds of dogs that are extremely aggressive and dangerous. Even in many parts of the world, these 10 breeds have banned dogs.

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10) Chow Chow:

You can easily be fooled by the dog face of this breed. They look cute and simple. In fact, there is a deep conspiracy behind the simple look. In fact, they are predatory breeds. From the beginning, they were kept as pets. Dogs of this breed are said to be 2000-3000 years old. Marco Polo wrote the name of the dog of this breed in the name of his own tour. Seeing its name, it may seem that its source is from China. But basically, this breed is Siberian.

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This dog is one of the most beloved dogs in Europe because of its hairy appearance and the appearance of a teddy bear. Their height is 55 cm and weight is 32 kg. The most dangerous feature of this is that they are attention lovers. If they are not given proper attention, they become very aggressive. And once they get angry, they don’t let anyone go.

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09) Siberian Husky:

From the name you may have understood that this breed has links with Siberia. The main feature of this dog breed is that they are born to run. This dog is very dangerous as well as very intelligent. People also known as sled dogs. They are used to pull a wheelless car into an icy area. Another characteristic of them is that they can survive in snowy and inaccessible areas by eating little food.

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Their eyes are blue and the color of their nose is the same as the color of their hair. Earlier, they were used to delivering cartridges and other supplies to U.S. forces. They have a lot in common with Wolf. Somewhere along the way, the use of Wolf can be noticed. When angry, they become as violent as Wolf.

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08) Boxer:

The link of this dog breed is Germany. They are called boxers because they look like boxers when they play or try to stand, so this breed is called a boxer. They are basically used as guard dogs. The most important feature is that they have to exercise for 2 hours every day, then they are active.

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If you don’t read it, dogs of this breed will grind their teeth in anger and start digging. According to experts, children of this breed should be kept away from dogs. Because their nature is very aggressive and in anger, they become very dangerous. And then when someone leaves in front of them, they don’t leave anyone.

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07) Wolf Hybrid:

This type of breed has been a combination of wolf and dog. If you have a Wolf hybrid dog, and he wants to lick your teeth or lips, let him lick. No need to panic, this dog licks his teeth and tells you to join his team. Such wild wolves lick their teeth among themselves. If you don’t let him do that, they will bite you in the mouth and will not let go until you allow him to lick his teeth. They usually prefer to stay in the jungle. They have to give 2-4 pounds (1.81 kg) of meat every day.

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If you want to buy this species, beware of shouting at them. Their ears are very alert, and they start calling like wolves at the sound of another dog from a distance. This dog breed is very aggressive and angry by nature. It is commonly found in Germany and European countries. If they think someone is snatching something from them, they become very aggressive. It is very difficult to train them. In many parts of the United States, it is a legal crime to pet this breed. So far, 14 people have died from their bites.

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06) Bullmastiff:

The link to this breed is from England. It was bred as a guard dog. This breed was made in 180 by crossing the Mastiff and the Bulldog. They are also called fighting dogs. Because their main target is to fight. As soon as they approach strangers, they become very aggressive and eager to attack.

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They become difficult to handle in order to be strong. Australia and New Zealand have bans on keeping these dogs. Yet they have taken the lives of many. If they attack someone, it becomes very impossible to get rid of them.

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05) Dobermann:

If you live somewhere near Doberman, you need to be careful right now. Because this dog is only loyal to its owner. If there is a 0.1% suspicion of an unknown person, they attack them. Most of them are used in the police and the army.

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Because they smell more and their intelligence is very high. They can run at high speeds, and when they get angry they don’t even take their lives. That is why many have banned them. This breed is not at all for first dog pet owners.

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04) Caucasian Shepherd:

This breed is only found in Russia and its neighboring countries such as Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. This breed is the largest dog breed in the world. An adult dog is about 28-30 inches (0.76 m) tall and weighs up to 200 pounds (ca. 91 kg). It is compulsory for these breeds to be trained from an early age or later they become dangerous for their owners.

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To give an example, they protect their owner, owner’s family, and cattle as their own family, instead, they get very angry when they see a friend or relative or someone from outside. The owner also has to be strong to make them pets. From the beginning, they were domesticated to protect sheep, goats, and buffaloes from outside animals.

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03) German Shepherd:

This breed is domesticated almost everywhere in the world. They are observed with special training in the police. For this, they are also called police dogs. This breed is the second choice breed in the USA. They love to play with tennis balls. They also like to swim. When it comes to loyalty, they are the most loyal to people.

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If they are given proper training then they can give their lives for the owner and also take the life of someone. If turning is not given then it becomes very difficult to control them. They have so far claimed the lives of 16 people, making them the third most dangerous breed in the world.

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Source: American Kennel Club

02) Rottweiler:

Be careful if you want to tame it. As simple as it looks, it’s actually 10 times more dangerous. Rottweiler has taken more human lives than Pit bull. In 2020, it has been called the second most dangerous dog in the world.

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It is important to give them proper training to make them pets. Otherwise, they attack the owner. They are small in height but heavy in weight. They are terrible for strong legs, jaws, and teeth. It has killed 55 people in America.

Source: Dogs NSW

01) Pit Bull:

The most dangerous dog breed in the world. Their weight is 30 kg and height is 50 cm. From ancient times the dogs were kept for fighting. These are fighting breeds, also used for hunting with them. If you train them properly, there is no better breed than this. Otherwise, they start biting their owners and their families.

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309 people have died in America for this breed. This breed is banned in the United States. Many in the UK have banned it. They bite as soon as they understand the danger. But they are very responsive to the owner.

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