‘Kodaikanal’, is the tenderness of Tamil Nadu, refers to as Princess of Hills, that’s embrace with 6 astonishing tourist spots.

‘Kodaikanal’ cited as the princess of Hills, It contains strong attention to skedaddle for tourists.
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Kodaikanal is a hillock, which is situated in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, it’s denomination came from Tamil word “the Gift of the forest”. Kodaikanal also mention as “Princess of Hill station” and Vamoose. It is favour for all the tourists’ rich destination. It was initiate since 1845 and it fortress for high temperature from tropical diseases in flat areas.

The untimely in habitancy of that place was plaiyar tribal. The specific reference of Kodaikanal is Palani Hills, were also imitate in Tamil Sangam Literature. In modern days Kodaikanal demostrate by American Christian missionaries and British bureaucrats. During 20th century few Indian intellects visit this hillock and started conveying this spot.

The town Kodaikanal covered with platues above the western escarpment of upper Palani Hills, between parappar and Gundar valleys , the eastern part covered with Western Ghats and Western part covered southern part of India, and in centre is Kodaikanal lake, it’s covered the area of 5 kilometres and a man-made lake. Meadows and grassland cover the hillsides, enormous eucalyptus trees and shola forests decorated and flourished the vally. There are many water falls and omnipresent garden and flower beds, which became prepossessing and charming like moon.

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Some best locus which can change the fame of our mind, the atmosphere and flavours of beautification of the place can juxtapose with paradise.

six best astonishing tourist spots are as follows:

Green Valley View: Green Valley view is a famous tourist spot in Kodaikanal. It is also known as suicide point, the magnanivity of an eye attractive for tourists. The delightful creations of the cliff, plains and greenish hills. The one-stop-shop to get strengthening greenery, the cloud-bound vally and lush mountains behind. It is an ideal place for relaxation and relish to beautification of the creation.

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It is also a deadly and treacherous viewpoint as the route up is ticklish, and located in high altitude wake makes stand and enjoying the beauty, just like playing with utterly. The murk takes over the throng in post late noon time, that might derange the spectacle from there unless your are there for the vagueness.

Bear Shola falls: Bear Shola Falls is road attitude falls in Kodaikanal, 3 kilometres from Kodai Bus stand. The falls best views in mansoon season, in the month of September and October. There is lack of water during summer season. The pathway water falls cross the main road followed by dence forest, anuarable locations and adapt from this walk through the forest it’s an amezing adventure and wonderful experience for all the tourist.

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The glamorous of beauty of Bear Shola Falls with different species and Faunas, one of the attention grabbing name from the fact that bears visited this water body to extinguish from thirsts. One must make sure that the area dominating monkeys.

Kodaikanal Lake: Kodaikanal Lake is also known as Kodai lake, is one of the manmade lake, it located 3 kilometres from Kodai Bus stand. The dept of the lake is near about 11 meters and cover 59 acars of area. Sir Vere Henry Levinge, the collector of Madurai, who was create the lake in 1863, developed by British and early missionaries from USA. The most attractive and popular tourist spot in the journey of Kodaikanal.

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The lake surrounded by Palani hills. The more attractive is that the boating and fishing at the lake. Apart from this the fragments of flowers which creates more beautify and alluring the full area.

Pillar Rocks: Pillar Rocks, is one of the most remarkable tourist spot in Kodaikanal, it situated 8 kilometres from Kodaikanal Lake. The beautification and attractiveness of the place is 400 feet hight a long rock formation from the ground. The breathtaking views of the natural beauty that surrounds many vantage points.

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The rocks rise vertically upwards and remain untouched by the human hands and make more interesting and engrossing, which offering the unique landscape. There are also natural desirability the nearby areas such as Devil’s kitchen, which is the cliff between the rocks, as well as a picturesque mini-garden, which creates the place more attractive.

Shembaganur Museum of Natural History: The impressive museum in Kodaikanal, it located 5.6 kilometres from Kodaikanal Lake. This is 123 years old museum and the attractiveness creates a large attention on the museum by the tourist. The Spanish Father E Ugarte given all to preserve for his students in Shembaganur Museum of Natural History.

Source: Tamil Nadu Tourism.

The museum is wide covering of handicrafts, flora, Fauna and anthropology. Apart from this a collection of butterflies,moths and birds are also being kept. Near about 300 different species of plants,trees and mammals, butterflies etc. We can gain insight about then in details. A vast garden surround the place where we can introduce certains different flowers, as well as we can known the history of plants and trees in that present in the museum.

Bryant Park: Bryant Park is located on the eastern side of Kodai lake, that creates more ravishing and stunning the whole region of park. The Bryant Park has several species of plants and shrubs, a diversity of flowering plants, grafts and hybrids. It is a very good picnic spot in Kodaikanal region. Toddlers can play and enjoy the lush green grass areas in park.

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The place is a righteous for Horticulturalist for educate about ornamental horticulture. A constituent of the park contain rose garden including several species of roses and adds to the beautiful of the park. Green rose garden is also an amazing and attractive for tourist. The park is famous for green roses on all over India. The alluring and glamour of the Bryant Park adds to the renown of the city.

The small city Kodaikanal make a moon for Tamil Nadu, as well as for whole country.

“Romanticism”is aptitude of literature in 19th century, with endowment of certain authors.