What is Cross-Cultural Management?


Define Management?


Management’s definition has been derived as an art and a science. It becomes an art as it requires artistic skills to modify the work and manage the team as a manager and on the other hand it enables to become science as it requires scientific principles and approaches to make the team more productive. There are four pillars on the basis of which a management becomes successful like planning, organizing, directing, and monitoring. The performance of a manager is always measured by the change in outcome after the present manager has been hired.


Due to the globalization and internationalization, all the business is trying to capture the international market as much as possible. Thus, to sustain in international businesses, organization has to be more open beyond their national limits. They have to expand their company beyond the domestic boundaries. In this context of expansion, the main challenge that a manager faces are cultural diversity. This diversity differentiates the group of employees into different groups who belong from respective cultures and brings a barrier in communication. This is a very serious and crucial issue that has been common in every global company and should be taken care of with utmost care as it is a very sensitive topic.

Define Cross-Cultural Management


Cross cultural management is a discipline which is maintained in the international business. It helps the organization to deal with team mates who are coming from different cultural backgrounds. In every such organization, there is a difference of class, religion, caste, gender and nationality. This concept helps to understand the people who are coming from different countries and their different cultures. It becomes a great challenge for the manager to manage a team of different cultural background as there is a lack of knowledge about the different expectation of different team mates. The manager has to do an in-depth study of each member and motivate the workforce according to their individual taste. 

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In every global organization, different people represent their own cultural background which depends on the country they belong from, the language and the religion. Culture helps us to understand how to communicate ideas and has a strong effect on communication. For example, laughing is a way of expressing happiness in most cultures or country but it is a way of dictating confusion, embarrassment and insecurity in Japan. In the same way, in India everyone avoids eye contact and looks down during a conversation to show respect to the other person. Cross cultural management plays its role in these types of situation and helps everyone to understand the different cultures and act accordingly. It will help the team to avoid any such confusion and maintain a healthy work culture.

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One of the results of globalization is the arrival of MNCs which is multi national companies. Earlier, there were very few MNCs but in present time it is the new normal for every company to be globalized. Nowadays, even the SMEs or short and medium sized enterprises have their connection with different countries and they even hire employees from around the world. Hence it is very obvious that cross cultural management holds a big part in the managerial role.


All progressive organization should introduce cross cultural management. A company will maintain a healthy work style by implementing different techniques of diversity and will be productive in the long run. The management team of an organization should be strict with the rules of having a cross cultural environment and every employee should follow those cordially. This would help the company to prevail peace, a good communication across all the hierarchy and productivity will automatically increase.

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