4 Important issues of Cross Culture!!

cross culture
cross culture

Cross Culture

It is the responsibility of the manager of an organization to maintain the three aspects of cultural management which are: the general relationship between the employees working and with the organization, the hierarchy of authority between the supervisors and their subordinates, and the view of the employees towards the organization’s goal and purpose. The manager has to resolve all the cultural issues in the workplace by keeping in mind that every person belongs from a different culture background.

cross culture

The management has to motivate different social gatherings where people from different culture can express and understand each other. It is the role of the manager to create a cross cultural environment where every employee working will be treated with equal opportunities and without dominating a single culture. This creates a good work culture and hence increase the productivity avoiding unnecessary confusion.

Some of the obvious issues of cross culture are:


cross culture

In present time, migration of people has become a normal thing and people are moving to different countries for better opportunities. In many organizations, it is not uncommon to see people from different race is working together but it becomes a challenge to some group of people who has a mentality of not getting comfortable to work with people from different races. Then comes the issue of racism which is a practice of belief followed by some group of people. They believe that there is some inferior race who cannot be placed in the management position and instead hire someone of the superior race to keep an eye. This practice influence people using abusive language in the workplace, addressing them with the name of their race like ‘nigger’, not promoting people from inferior race even if their performance is good, assign difficult works to them to prove their race inferior, bully and shout, denying their holiday, etc.


cross culture

Gender plays a vital role in creating issues in the workplace. It is a phycological problem of superiority according to the gender. It is complex that the male gender usually dominates the work culture. In most of the companies, the administrative positions are hired absolutely on their merit and thus it is pretty common to see a female gender holding that position. Few groups of people specially men find it difficult to work under a female supervisor and there comes the role of manager who has to come with strategies and approach to overcome this kind of situation to maintain a healthy work culture.


Communication is something that we learn from our childhood and it is highly influenced by our culture. The meaning of communication is to interact with every employee and it is a very important factor in the daily operation of the business. The language usually acts as a barrier as people from different background are more comfortable with their respective language. Very often it is seen that the people from different culture forces the other employee to communicate to ones preferred language and hence creates a disruption in the communication.

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Without proper communication it is impossible to deliver the same productivity as required. The manager has to look after the communication part between the employees and set a fixed language taking it as a standard and maintaining the same throughout the work culture. There should be proper training of the standard language to the employees coming from different culture and will help them to continue a proper effective communication.


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Religion is the most important factor in creating a conflict between different employees and superiors. Every employee has their own belief on religion and even some people are there who share the same religion but differ in their understanding of beliefs like Christian, Protestants, and Catholics. Religion creates a great impact in the relationship between the employees and it must be addressed in a sensitive manner. Often people get too much insecure about their religion and also try to convert other team mates to their religion. All these creates a conflict either between the employees or between supervisors and subordinates.

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