People became monsters without sleeping for 30 days! Learn what a horrible fact this is.

Russian sleep experiment

People became monsters without sleeping for 30 days! Learn what a horrible fact this is.

Sleep! Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another interesting topic related to human research. This is one of the most unbelievable research for me till now.

We see many things in the world that are beyond our faith; Or maybe we don’t always see everything with our own eyes.

But through the collection of information, we know from the history of some incidents that we will find to be false.

But in fact they are true facts. At different times, different kinds of people and animals, birds have existed in the world in a way that may no longer exist, but it is written in the pages of history.

So let’s find out today about an incredible event that will shock you.

So guy’s if I tell you, you have to avoid sleep for 30 days and you can do everything but can’t sleep. Then, what you will do? Or what are you thinking about?

Let’s know the answer from below.

No sleep for 30 days, Research in 1940, Russia: –


In 1940, some Russian scientists conducted a joint study. Where 5 prisoners of the jail were tested for something like that.

The test was such that the convicts in that prison had to sleep in a basement for 30 days.

And if they can, they will be released from prison. Scientists put a special air tab in the basement to prevent them from sleeping.

A special gas fills the basement. As a result, they will not be able to sleep.

They were given food, books and many other necessities to keep them healthy. The condition is the same, you can’t sleep.

Scientists installed one-way cameras to monitor them, from which one end of the house could be seen.

They spent the first week pretty well. But after 10 to 12 days, one of them suddenly fell silent.

Stops talking to everyone, and slowly stops eating and drinking. Then the accused became very ill and began to behave strangely.

Scientists took him to the hospital. The rest of the accused stay there. They all stay the same for 15 days.


After recovering, the previous accused was brought back.

After this incident, a camera was installed inside the basement. In which scientists always keep an eye on them.

After 15 days, all the accused used strange things that shocked everyone. The accused started eating meat from their own bodies one by one!

They don’t eat anything else. They clean their faeces with books, newspapers, etc.

After seeing all this, the scientists went to that basement again after a few days. And saw blood and flesh scattered all around.

They took all the prisoners to the hospital. But no one can treat them there. No injections were given and the prisoners repeatedly wanted to return to the basement.

Unable to find a way, the scientists left them there. And after a few days they became monsters. He then died.


It is said that after this incident another incident took place which resulted in deleting all its information.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Russian military base. No one knew this research of the scientist.

And after one of the commanders saw the incident, the scientist shot him. And he knew he would die if this happened. So he shot himself.

This phenomenon no longer exists. All data was said to have been deleted.

So guys today’s article ends here. Hope you like it and I believe you are really surprised after know this. And don’t ever dare not to sleep so many days and so on.

See you again. Thank you!…