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Here are 10 bad habits of unsuccessful people that you should stay away from! Check out and try to overcome, if you have any of these!!


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston S. Churchill

Success can obviously mean reaching a certain point in life, where the effort you put into a certain work, feels worth it. This moment can be one of tiny things like putting a smile on someone’s face, or holding a high monetary or respectable position in society.

At the same time, we see a few people around us who are extremely depressed within themselves. They seem to be unsatisfied with what they have achieved. What could they be lacking?


Here are 10 bad habits that might put you in the trap of ‘failure’! Watch out for them, and if you find yourself already doing them, then unlearn them before it is too late!

01. Marking your value as ‘unseen’ !

Some people chronically feel inferior to others. We all feel unmotivated at some moments of life. Maybe nobody gave as much attention to your opinion at the meeting today. Maybe you feel humiliated, and want to hide yourself forever.

But you must remember to calm down, and look within yourself for the reasons this may have happened. You many not have put yourself across in a pleasant way. Or there may have been a miscommunication!

So, before jumping into conclusions, there must always be space for looking on the brighter side. Open your door for a second try- and always come back with a greater strength and determination.

02. Doing what you hate, ignoring what you love!

Sometimes success just keeps slipping away. If it feels too long since you’ve been trying to find a job at a corporate sector, just lay back and think about what you really feel passionate about.

You might be an immensely creative person, or someone who has great quench for academic research. It is very important to love what you want to do before trying to receive excellence at it.

03.Not taking it slow!

The greatest example of this is given by musicians. To get through really tricky and fast passages of a musical piece, you MUST practice at a slower speed, with a slower beat.

So, lay out steps, take it slow, and always aim for perfection.

To find out about managing busy schedules, read about time-management.

04. Denial!

This is almost likes singing absolutely out of key with earphones on! You actually feel like you’re singing amazing! But guess what? Ask for a second opinion from whoever is sitting next to you!

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05. Bringing others down to bring yourself above them!

Most unsuccessful people are really miserly with appreciation. Failure comes with extreme pride. So, always acknowledge talent and beauty around you. Encouragement makes everyone feel positive.

Being kind to the ones around you will fetch you some honest and unbreakable trust and support!

06. Getting distracted from the goal!

NEVER let the fear of losing out make you compromise for a lesser goal. Rather try all the possible ways to get to a single goal!

07. Giving in to failure too soon!

Of course people make mistakes- but mistakes do not mean failure. Accept criticism with great hope for being better the next time. Most times, a little demotivation can bring you right back on track with a greater zeal to succeed and prove yourself!

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08. Compromising ethics to get what you want!

If success has come at a price of exploiting people, offending your peers, and disrespecting them, your success will soon shrink down. So, the path to success must ALWAYS be one of definite and well thought-out ideologies!

09. Not knowing where you really are!

Once in a while, go to your boss and ask for feedback. Perform in front of friends who know about the field, and ask them what they like or do not like about it. It will definitely only help you get better.

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10. Unwillingness to lend a hand!

Remember to be kind! Successful people will always listen to problems of the ones struggling. And they will help them in any way possible, instead of rebuking or humiliating them for mistakes!

These are traits of great minds, great mentors, and above all great humans.