6 Bengali psychological and suspense thrillers of all time that will give you goosbumps.

Suspense movies


Bored of hectic life? Want some recreation? Here are some suspense thrillers that will absolutely blow your mind and recreate you.

While the majority across the world typically associate Indian cinema with solely Bollywood, the truth is extreme opposite.
A multilingual and doctrine country like India incorporates a screen land occupation to sure cluster of individuals during a certain language in many elements of the country.
Among all of them, if there’s one business, that has refused to bow right down to the overall conventions of film creating and has perpetually experimented with unconventional themes, that’s Bengali screenland.
Thriller genre is being one among the specialites of Bengali filmmakers, let’s examine some best suspense heroic tale of Bengali Cinema.

(1) Baishe Srabon (2011) – Helmed by ace producer Srijit Mukherjee, Baishe Srabon arrived in theatres in 2011 amd sweptwing everyone off their feet with its sheer technical brilliance and absorbing storytelling. The poetic film featured 2 cops and 2 journalists on the path of a neurotic who has been active throughout urban center. The person loves poetry and this provides the film a precise distinct charm and category. The film was featured in many national and international film festivals and attained accolades once it absolutely was free theatrically It remains one among the foremost critically and commercially acclaimed Bengali films of this decade.

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(2) Sonar Kella – Among the large filmography of Satyajit Ray, there’s this gem of films starring the great bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee. The film is a retelling of story from Feluda series written by Satyajit Ray himself. Private investigator Feluda and his first cousin Topse was employed by a man of means to require care of his precocious son who had seen a treasure hidden in his visions. Feluda along side his comrades sets out on the explore for the treasure, and as they are going regarding it, many layers of the story gets unfolded , reaching a chilling conclusion. The film additionally created waves across the US and was released by the title “The Golden Fortress” and did an honest business there also. asdic Kella is one amongst the most effective bengali suspense heroic tale movies of all time.

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(3) Chotuskone – Chotuskone is another Srijit Mukherjee masterpiece that deserves a mention on the list. The film tells the story of 4 young filmmakers those who are on their verge to create their debut film, containing four completely different stories. they’re going to the outskirts urban center to satisfy the producers of their film and a sequence of events unveils that culminates with a surprising revelation. Mukherjee became the recipient of a National Award for the simplest director of the film that clad to be a significant industrial and important success once it came out.

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(4) Ebar Shabor (2015) – Based on the celebrated story Rin, the film was directed by Arindam Sil, to turned to a director once shaping a fortunate career in line manufacturing. The mystery adventure story film is focused on an unfortunate murder of a woman named Mitali Ghosh. once beginning as a real whodunit, the film becomes a political and social adventure story exposing the ugly facades of the elite group ton of city. The film’s success has bounded the producers and director to come back up with a sequel referred to as “Eagoler Chokh”, that clothed to be another major success.

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(5) Chiriyakhana (1967) – Satyajit Ray created dozens of films that are considered all-time classics of Bengali screenland and nonetheless a number of them stay quite anonymous. Chiriyakhana being one prime of this, the film followed the story of the legendary fictional detective named Byomkesh Bakshi. The story gets triggered once one in all Bakshi’s ally Dr. Nishanth gets dead and Byomkesh sets out on a mission to reveal actuality identity of the killer. Somehow the film didn’t act once it absolutely was free because it was thought-about to be terribly complicated by Indian trade standards. However over time, the film has created it’s method into the list of best collaborations between hotshot Uttam Kumar and legendary Satyajit Ray.

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(6) Dracula Sir (2020) – Dracula Sir is a Bengali psychological and suspense thriller structured film directed by Debaloy Bhattachrya and made by Shrikant Mohata and Mahendra Soni. This non-linear structured story tells the events that happened in 2 eras. The story keeps jumping from this era wherever Raktim (Anirban Bhattacharya) may be a faculty teacher to the story of Amal (Anirban Bhattacharya), an extremist of the ’70s, within the house of his ex-girlfriend Manjari (Mimi Chakraborty). Raktim Chowdhury may be a temporary Bengali teacher in an exceedingly faculty in Hooghly. the scholars wrote ‘Dracula Sir’ on the flat solid thanks to his 2 projected teeth. Amal, A Naxalite Flees To Manjari. The film tales a reincarnation spin.

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