5 popular hair myths you need to stop believing it right now!

5 popular hair myths you need to stop believing it right now!

Everyone used to follow some hair care routine.

So, that their hair becomes more beautiful and more attractive.

But at the present condition everyone is quite dismay about how to take care of our hair.

Sometimes we try our best to provide good things to our hair.

But still some of us are unable to buy costly products to make our hair best.

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Each and every one once had heard about one or more hair myths.
Like not to use conditioner if you are having a oily hair.

Not to cut your hair frequently it will increase the growth of the hair faster.

But to be real these are fake things.

Applying conditioner on oily hair won’t make your hair oily.

Similarly cutting your hair frequently won’t increase the hair growth.

So today to make you understand I’m going to share 5 hair myths.

Which are absolutely false and if you are believing them you need to stop believing them right now.

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• Myth No. 1 : Cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster.

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It was believed that cutting your hair frequently will increase the growth of your hair faster.

In reality this is totally a fake news.

As beacuse hair used to grow from the root not from the ends.

So it’s impossible to grow hair faster.

That’s why cutting your hair frequently won’t affect your hair growth.

Myth No. 2 : Frequent shampooing damages your hair :

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We are sure that in your lifetime once you have heard this myth.

That shampooing your hair frequently will damage your hair.

And also it might lead to hairfall. But my friends it’s a fake news.

Applying shampoo frequently is a very good idea.

As our hair used face a lot of pollution via which many dead cells, excessive oiliness and and etc used to their in our hair.

So we should shampoo our hair thrice or twice in a week,

or it should depend upon your hair, hair length and lifestyle.

Myth No. 3 : Stress causes gray hair.

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Mostly this myth is believed by our parents and grandparents.

But in reality the reason behind the gray hair is multivariable equation which is mostly determined by genetics and aging.

More we get old more we stop producing hair melanin,

which mainly causes new hair to come out in grey colour.

But according to the research, a few percent of stress can actually cause gray hair.

As because stress can speed up the aging and fallout process.
Which might cause you to experience more gray hair.

But till date no such evidence hasn’t been proven yet.

Myth No. 4 : You should skip conditioner if you have greasy hair.

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Firstly greasy hair doesn’t occur beacuse of applying hair conditioner.

This one is used to happen beacuse of sebum an oil which is naturally produced by our body.

Which is mainly produced by the scalp tissues, causing buildup.

But still it’s better to use conditioner at the ends only.
Try to avoid the scalp entirely to help keep your hair from looking flat.

Myth No. 5 : If you pluck one gray hair, two more will grow in its place.

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Another fake myths we might have heard from our elders.

That plucking one hair could develop multiple hairs at that spot.

Which is not possible to happen in reality.

But still it’s better not to pluck hair as because in future you might face some hair issues.

So just allow the nature to her work.

Here we came to the end our article. This all myths are not true at all.

It’s better to avoid them in any circumstances. As because following this myths can damage your hair more.

So just stick to the truth and take care of your hair.

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