Bicycle rides: 6 ways it could be definitely beneficial


Bicycles are an amazing mode of transport. We often use it for nearby transportation, and know that it is both money-saving and convenient. However, there are also some people who go on tours on bicycles, for example to the mountains. There are special bikes/ bicycles for these destinations, but this kind of travel could be for anyone who has the tenacity and passion for it.

Bicycle-rides around the locality to save travel costs

If you don’t already have practice in cycling, you should practice NOW. Cycle rides are the most convenient ways to go to college and universities, especially, if your university campus is a vast area. They can also save on your costs to go for grocery-shopping, or to meet someone just around the block.

Not to forget, in the age of pandemic, public-transport is a great risk, while your personal cycle an be the perfect solution to your must-go ventures around the locality. It features a great deal of independence and personal choice, and can be the best option to have your trips exactly according to you.

Finally, it is the PERFECT solution to your navigating skills and knowing a place by heart. If you are shifting to a new locality or town, remember to get a cycle and travel around, to know the place better that the locals!

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Endless health benefits

Cycling is a great activity for having a well-functioning body, especially for your joints, bones, and muscles. Here too, we should consider how the pandemic demands efficient immune systems to fight the virus. We also know that mild exercise on a daily basis can develop an overall strength and immunity.

Moreover, cycling can be awesome for your muscle-building and core strength. This comes with the benefit of fat-burning and weight loss. On a regular basis, use cycling as your exercise, and be surprised at the way it makes your physical and mental well-being fun! Yes, cycle-rides can also be a great solace for you, and release tensions and depression risks.

Along with this, cycling regularly can be healthy for your lungs and cardio-vascular system! Increasing the heart-rate, cycling pumps blood around the body: thus the risk of over-weigh decreases, and so does risks of heart diseases.

Bike -touring and long distance travel

Bicycle touring has become a great travelling method, not only among the youth, but people of all ages. It saves time, money, and also is environment friendly, and saves the place from unnecessary traffic. It is extremely exciting and adventurous for the athletic and exploring souls.

For these bike tours, you just need your camping essentials, and the right shoes, and you can make a well-planned map of your route, with a considerable amount of time to rest, eat, and extra time for any emergencies. Remember to have knowledge about repairing cycle parts, and it is best to have spare parts at hand.

The golden tips for kike-tours would be:

  • Water-proof bags
  • Minimal carriage of food items
  • Sufficient water

Bicycle tours can be of many types, for example:

Road Touring

This is the traditional road-based tour, where you venture out alone, carrying all the survival supplies you might need on your way. In India, a lot of tourist places like Darjeeling and Hampi have cycle-renting services, especially for the tourists.


These tours are generally off-road, on dirt-roads, with survival kits attached to the cycle. These trials are closer to mountain tours, and are generally more exciting and adventurous.

bikepacking bicycle setup

Organized tours

More like a conducted holiday, in these organized tours, experiences bikers will guide you around your trail, and therefore need no prior planning. You just have to reach the venue on the start date and enjoy!

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