Beautiful mind better than fair-complexion: 2022

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Beautiful: 2022


The story’s subject sounds a bit complex. Nevertheless, I love to share my thoughts readily from my perspective. However, I neither want to make my story academic nor do I desire to give my story a sermonic feeling from soup to nuts. I would instead expect my readers’ participation with feedback and comments.

Beautiful: Elaboration with a story

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At the story’s beginning, let me tell you a lokatti in Hindi, “pahlay darshan dhari, Fir goon bichari.” When we see a beautiful woman, we are fascinated by her beauty at first sight and later her qualities. Is that fair-faced beautiful woman have attractive qualities?. We do not often think about this in the primary stage. We get caught in the illusion of her beauty.

Let’s listen to another story on beauty and non-beauty. Perhaps some of you must have heard the story. The story has made the rounds on social media too. So I put down the story here in my own words without adding spice. The objective is to have introspection and create a conscience. So here I go!:

It was evening 430. The bank transaction was over when the bank manager’s phone rang.

The Manager took the phone. On the other side, a sweet and sensual female voice created an illusion in the Manager’s mind. “If the voice is so sweet, then how sweet will she is looked at,”—thought the Manager. “Sir, I have to withdraw two lakhs rupees from my account. I am reaching out with the cheque in fifteen minutes. Will you wait for me” the voice beamed again from the other end.

The Manager went crazy with the voice. He replied in the affirmative. He at once asked the cashier to keep two Lakhs ready. The cashier got angry because it was time for him to go home. But he was helpless. After all, it was his boss’s instruction. Ignorance will bring a charge of indiscipline. The cashier somehow counted two lakh rupees and kept it in a bundle.

Then, at around five o clock, there was a soft knock on the exterior door of the Manager’s cabin. Pushing the spring door, entered the lady. The Manager was stunned at first sight. The lady was dark-complexioned, short, and ugly-faced. It all threw cold water into Manager’s imagination.

The Manager lost himself for some time. But soon, he regained his sense. “I am sorry, you are a little late. We have closed the transaction,” curtly said the Manager. The lady, dejected, left the Manager’s cabin, closing the door with a bang.


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Now it’s your turn, readers. Tell me, did the Manager do the right thing? She was not beautiful. Was this the criterion for depriving a needy person? No, obviously. But it cannot be denied that most of us run after beauty and fair skin.

I experienced many intelligent, talented, academic bright girls’ marriages being held back because of their dark complexion. The poor mother, what did she not do to make the girl’s face look beautiful? Curds, cucumbers, tomatoes, and I do not know what things are used to bring brightness and fairness to a girl’s look.

Can’t beauty and brain go together? But, of course, I am not arguing that a beautiful woman lacks the pleasing qualities of her heart.

Beauty is beholden to your eyes. It means beauty is subjective. What is beautiful in one’s eyes may not be in others.

A deep study is required to distinguish between beauty and beautiful attributes. They are not two sides of the same coin.

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Should her fair complexity and beauty decide her ability? Apart from her physical appearance, do her creative qualities have no value? For example, if a girl is dark in complexion but has a sound heart and intellect? Is it worth nothing?

I also got some opinions from the internet about aging, beauty, and glamour. Wrinkles will appear on the face, and the glow of the look starts to fade. But even if you are not fair-complexioned, you are good at heart; you have talent. So you will continually earn love and respect.

What is using one’s beauty or fair skin with no manners, who is uneducated or talks arrogantly? Maybe initially, people will pamper her for her beauty, but that won’t be perpetual. Beauty is not confined to the face but spread out in the heart. If you are fine by heart, then you are genuinely beautiful. Your nature is your beauty. This beauty will never leave you as long as you are living.

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Indians are still obsessed with fair skin. Courtesy for photo: Indian

Remember John Keats’s famous saying.” A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Beauty is a means to keep your mind cheerful. Beauty is everywhere and in everything. So tell me, readers, What is your point of view on seeing beauty?

Views of Dr. Bhawesh Kumar Mahto

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Dr.Bhawesh Kumar Mahto. Photography: Saibal Ghosh

This morning (May 3, 2022), I conversed on this subject with Dr. Bhawesh Kumar Mahto of Nagpur, associated with Hindi literature. Dr. Mahto opined that a woman must have sanskar. If a woman does not have a sanskar, the family system collapses.

“It is essential to have sanskar in Indian tradition. Mainly, the woman with sociability with beauty is called perfectly beautiful,” opined Dr. Mahto.


Our steadfast progress can be made when we give up one-sided thinking about fair complexion and physical beauty. But it does not mean we should live under the misconception that a beautiful female cannot be of beautiful nature.

But do my readers agree that a female with an intelligent brain excels over beautiful fair-complexioned females? … That’s a question I leave to my readers to answer.