Can Transman can give birth? Let’s solve it in the 3 best way of to get parenthood of a Transman…


Hey guys What’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with you to discuss about another interesting topic related to transman and that they can give birth or not.

So guys I had written few article about Transgender FTM and their surgical process and gender dysphia and mamu things snd now I will discuss the most common question I get from people that the parenthood of a transman by real!

So guys may you have heard or read if so many videos or articles that a Transman can’t give birth of a child like a cis man and it’s because only for lack of sparm.

Yes this is true that a transman can’t give birth like a cis man because their penis is surgically made so they don’t have Testicle and that’s why don’t have sperm.

But there are many ways that a transman can be a father of child. In India not all ways are available but 3 best way are there for Transman and his wife.

They are described below…


ivf treatment
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In Vitro Fertilization = IVF

Look, I will not givevl you any lessons about biological chapter in details. I just want to make you understand in simple words.

It is bescially known as testube baby and most of the people know that.
A cis man who was born as male, sometimes has so many issues to take a baby then there are one best thing happen that doctors take skin cell from their body and then modify it into a sperm cell by many laboratory process. And then “XY” cell is created and they inject into the body of the woman.

After that it will fertilize in the ovary and will turned into the issue cell.

Just like this a this in a skin of tranman there have the presence of testosterone hormone. From that doctors can take skin cell from their body and then turn it into sperm cell.

The process is same and it’s called IVF technique or In Vitro Fertilization.

● This is long term.

● It is costly.

This is available in India.


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Sperm donation is kind of a social work for some places in all over world and India also.

In this case there are 3 person in side. One is the couple and other is the donor of sperm.

This is also not for only transmen, this technique is mainly used by cis man who don’t have ability to give birth by normal way.

A doner, a sperm donor gives his simen to the doctor and then doctors send it for check up. After that they input the sperm into the ovary of the woman and in the same way that will fertilize.

This is also kind of a IVF technique but in this case there are a 3rd person.

The donor will be the biological father of the child and the cis man or transman will be the legal father.

Most of this case the donor are always from the family or any trusted friends or otherwise doctors arrange it and they take a huge charge for this.



The last but not the least thing is that adoption!
Adoption is the best thing to do in this time so far.

In this case a tranman who is legally a citizen of this country and he married to a lady by legal then they have the ability and the legal rights to be parents for any child.

So that’s why adoption is very beautiful thing for them.

By this not only a couple got a child in their life but also a child will get beautiful family with new parents.

Most of the cases transmen and their wives choose the adoption option. This is mentally a good thing to do. Take care of a child as your own, is such a good hearted identity.

So guys hope you like it. I will give you more and more information on these topics. Thank you…