What is Digital Transfomation? What are its effectiveness in company? Lets have a look on unknown and thrilling factors about Digital Transformation and Online Collaborative Technology (2021)!!!


It has been understood that digital transformation can be defined as the implementation of digital technology within the entire area of a company. Digital transformation helps a company in determining, delivering as well as an operating value among the customers. Digital transformation includes cloud computing, big data analysis, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for improving business success rate as well as reducing human errors. I have also determined that digital transformation helps business in making effective decisions in a short time.

What is the significance of digital transformation?

I have determined that digital transformation can be useful in business as it assists in obtaining customers’ preferences and desired customers’ value in business. Consequently, businesses can utilise this digital transformation for increasing their customer satisfaction level. Apart from that, It has also been obtained that digital transformation can be helpful in businesses as it includes different technological processes such as automation and leveraging digitalization for executing business work easily. Involvements of digital tools for employees as well as collecting information and making effective business decisions also can be executed by implementing digital transformation.

What are primary effectiveness of digital transformation in company?

According to my previous assumption, digital transformation is the factor that consists of organisational change, process, data and technology. It has been found that digital transformation is vital for business in increasing their sales growth and increasing their number of customers. Thereby I have understood that it is useful for business and it is also crucial in the education system as it helps in storing and collecting data. I have found that digital transformation incorporates different kinds of advancements of technologies like Internet of Things; Cloud computing and Big Data Analysis.


Let’s come to know what new things that I have come to know about digital transformation?

Digital Transformation %E2%80%93 It39s More About People and Less About Technology

You must be shocked by leaning what I have discovered about digital transformation, businesses also can utilise digital transformation for determining business models for businesses. It has further been revealed that digital transformation can help businesses in understanding business models by accelerating physical offerings with the help of digital services and tools.

I have also understood that my unique research about digital transformation can help you in the future whenever you develop my own business. I have further found that you would be helpful by implementing digital transformation within my business to develop effective and advanced digital technologies and thereby you would be able to succeed in increasing sales growth and customer satisfaction within my businesses. Thereby it has been clarified that you must be benefitted by learning new things about digital transformation.

Now let’s have a look on Online Collaborative Technologies nowadays, which is the most useful practice of digital transformation.


Online collaborative technology can be defined as the web based approaches that often offer services like file sharing mechanism, “collaborative search engine” as well as instant messaging within groups in order to discover information that is distributed within the system of team, company or organisation. In digital business, online collaborative technology can be utilised by professionals for communicating with people. Thereby it has been determined by me that online collaboration technology can help in maintaining effective communication systems within digital business. As a result they can be able to succeed in avoiding major issues regarding miscommunication from their organisation.

 On the other hand, professionals of digital business can be benefited by implementing online collaborative technology as it also helps to develop an effective communication relationship with their customers. Consequently, it has been understood that digital business can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Apart from that, it has been found that system thinking theory can be relevant with online collaborative technology because by adopting system thinking theory business professionals can achieve the process of online collaborative technology. Therefore, professionals of businesses can be helpful by utilising system thinking theory as well as followed by online collaborative thinking.