“Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2:- A common disease that increases your blood sugar level” Let’s have a look to this disease and its facts!!


Diabetes is a major chronic disease that generally become very common nowadays, especially among the old people. Diabetes occurs when the blood sugar levels are above from the normal, which generally happens due to the insulin resistance of the body. Insulin transfers sugar to the cells from blood, where it is utilized as energy. Thereby, a person, who has insulin resistance diseases, his blood sugar cannot be used up by the cells and resulting in chronic disease, high blood sugar or diabetes.

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The main cause of the diabetes is the resistance or lack of insulin in the body. The problem of insulin resistance can happen due to some reasons-

  • Some genes and environments which restrict the human body to produce sufficient insulin often can responsible for a person of having diabetic.
  • Sometimes the pancreas also cannot meet the maximized demands of insulin of the body, therefore the insulin resistance happen and followed by diabetes.

Insulin resistance also can happen due to the intake of the excessive food which can be tough to digest, therefore, the unsaturated fat restricts the insulin and thus diabetes happens.    

  • Obesity is one of the major causes of having diabetes, apart from that excessive sleep and mental stress also can be the reason behind of a people become diabetic.
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Types of Diabetes

Generally, three types of diabetes can happen in the human body. “type 1 diabetes”, “Type 2 diabetes” and Gestational diabetes.

“type 1 diabetes” which also known as juvenile diabetes happens when the human body cannot produce the sufficient insulin. Therefore, the people who have been suffering from “type 1 diabetes “are basically dependent on insulin, they have to take insulin externally every day for the sake of their survival.

“Type 2 diabetes” disrupts the way in which the body utilizes the insulin. In “Type 2 diabetes”, human body produces insulin but the cells of the body fail to respond effectively. As per the report of “National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases” that “Type 2 diabetes” has the hurdy relation with the obesity.

“Gestational diabetes” mainly happens among the women during their pregnancy. In “Gestational diabetes”, the body of the sufferers decrease their sensitiveness towards the insulin.

     Apart from that, “cystic fibrosis related diabetes” and “monogenic diabetes” also can occur among the human body.

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Prevalence of diabetes among the old people

 There can be seen the prevalence of diabetes among the old people majorly because old persons often suffer from various kinds of diseases due to their decreased immune power. Therefore, they become weak physically as per their age increases. So, they are normally not very fond of the doing exercise or walking. Thus, the possibility of occurring diabetes increases among the old people. Without that, the unsaturated fat stores in their body due to the lack of physical workout. Therefore, diabetes also can happen in the body of the aged people.

Precautions that need to be taken to avoid diabetes

  • The people need to do physical workout daily to restricts the body of having diabetes.
  • As the obesity can drags the body towards the diabetes, the people should decrease their chances of becoming obese.
  • The people also need to take care of themselves to eradicate the chances of having diabetes.

As the diabetes is the metabolic chronic disease, so the people need to take a special care of themselves to avoid the possibilities of happening diabetes. Aside from this fact, diabetes also can drag various kinds of critical conditions such as strokes, heart failure etc. Consequently, it is clarified that diabetes need to be prevented.

Hopefully this content may help you to know more about diabetes and it’s facts!!