Using VPN for Internet Security?? Here is how DPN will disrupt the future of VPN!! Read now to find out more!!



Nowadays most of the people using internet use VPN for privacy protection which has lead to the stable future of VPN technology. Although it opened a whole new world allowing everyone to learn any and every bit of knowledge, the internet also became a threat to its user’s privacy. Everday on the Internet is now a battle to save our privacy data from malicious hands. This issue is what lead to the future of  VPN technology. Now it remained a favorite among the crowd but soon decentralized network is soon to bring the end of the future of VPN network.

future of vpn

To safeguard the privacy on Internet, companies decided to come up with a solution and created a service known as a virtual private network (VPN). For quite some years VPN did provide a lot of safety but with time, it became weaker and barely enough to provide security over the internet. Thus to still maintain the security over the Internet the new technology of decentralized private network (DPN) came into the act and soon it’s expected to take down VPN, want to know how? Let’s get into it!


VPN or Virtual Private Network in simple terms hides your IP address and sensitive identity from hackers and other attackers through virtual encrypted tunnels. Now, DPN or Decentralized Private Network does the same thing but unlike VPN it uses a decentralized network which makes it extremely hard to decrypt. DPN saves the user data from getting hacked, stolen, or tracked by remaining serverless and distributed.

vpn diagram

Unlike the VPN; in DPN there is no central provider but how does it help?? Due to the negation of Central Points, the user device acts as both client-side and server-side and the user has control over its data without any 3rd party involvement. Moreover, due to lack of central points to attack, it becomes much harder for the attacker to take down the whole network to cause any serious damage. 

deeper network

DPN also takes care of the limitless users, as the network remains distributed through random channels throughout the distributed network, the increase in user number in turn increases the efficiency it provides in protection. The greater the user mass the more distributed the network will be thus allowing a much lesser chance of actually having someone to track your data.

Due to its enhanced data security, DPN is expected to take over the market soon enough to replace the VPN among individuals with other blockchain services.

DPN taking over VPN

VPN might have been popular for many years as means of security but as more people become aware of safeguarding their data over the internet and hackers increasingly trying to infiltrate the network, DPN might soon take over the market of digitization thanks to its enhanced security.


To make DPN a reality soon, Deeper Network has developed its very own adaptive tunneling, intelligent routing, IP multiplexing, operating system, and tunnel layer congestion control. Deeper Network has not long ago represented the world’s first decentralized blockchain network. With this technological enhancement, the data security of real users are soon to be empowered greatly.


With the increasing privacy awareness and number of trackers and hackers getting on the rise every day, DPN (Decentralized Private Network) with its decentralized network technology would slowly but soon take over the market for good and provide enhanced security to its users over the Internet. 

This article will help you out understanding about VPN and DPN. This technology will improve more in near future.